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Stu 9 Aug 10 10:19 AM

There seems to be some confusion with a very small number of members of what isn't acceptable on the forums.

I'll try and explain this as clear as I can, because this is going to affect some members ability to access the forums if it is not understood.

1. We do not allow arguments in the forums.
If you make an argumentative post you will receive an infraction

2. We do not allow sarcastic comments.
If you make sarcastic comments in your posts you will receive an infraction.

3. We do not allow personal comments to be aimed at other members.
If you make your comments personally aimed at another member in a way that is attacking that member or accusing them of something you will receive an infraction.

This is the one that some members seem to have great difficulty with, so I will explain with examples.

What we mean by personal comments are comments where there is going to be a negative reaction from person you have directed your comment at.

an example would be:

That is the most stupid post I have ever read

I find YOUR post ridiculous

you are actually very rude arent you

You have no idea why...
Normally if your post is going to use 'YOU' or 'YOUR' then the chances are that it's going to be personal.

You can quote people and direct your comments at them, HOWEVER it must be done in a friendly way. If it is sarcastic, or attacking that member then it's not allowed.

We do not want to see arguments in the forums.

I will be telling the moderators to take a zero tolerance over arguing on the forums. This means even if you did not start the argument, even if you were just defending someone else you WILL receive a warning or Infraction.

I can't stress this enough...
If you see a post that is offensive please report it, DO NOT post a reply as this could get you in to trouble as well as the original poster.

To report a post all you have to do is click the Red Triangle at the bottom left of the offending post. You will be asked for a reason, please type a valid reason as to why you think the post needs to be looked at.

Every reported post creates a discussion thread in our admin/mod area and highlights that post to us.

If you report a post we will look at the post, we may not always agree with your reason for reporting but we will look at the post. If you report a post and we do nothing about it, please do not think that we have ignored you, it maybe that we just want to monitor the situation before taking any action.

Please note that we will not normally reply to the person reporting the post.

If you see a situation where a bad post is left on one thread but a similar bad post is removed from another thread this isn't inconsistency or favouritism from the moderators as has been suggested. It could be that one was reported and one wasn't. It could be in a different context.

In conclusion:
All we want is our forums to be friendly and argument free.
We encourage you to report offending posts rather than to retaliate.
We do not want to see arguing in the forums and we will be come down hard on offenders.

I usually close announcements but I will leave this one open so that if any of you are still confused then please post here and I will answer your queries.


joandwayne 9 Aug 10 10:21 AM

Thanks Stu.

Sandra & co 9 Aug 10 10:25 AM

We are allowed to disagree then as long as we do it politely! :)

THE WIZARD 9 Aug 10 10:25 AM

Good post Stu, and thank you for all you do for the forum, this is the nicest forum I have ever belonged to

Stu 9 Aug 10 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by Sandra & co (Post 5186716)
We are allowed to disagree then as long as we do it politely! :)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing with another persons opinion.

Everyone has their own opinions and those opinions will differ.
What we ask is that members keep their opinions to the topic in question and not make them personal :)

Posiesmum 9 Aug 10 10:37 AM

Could we have a report button in the iPod app?

Stu 9 Aug 10 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by Posiesmum (Post 5186762)
Could we have a report button in the iPod app?

The ipod version is a stripped down version so unfortunately we couldn't add a report button without bulking it out with more code.

If you are using the ipod and want to report a post, just scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Normal Version, you will then see the normal version of the forums and you can zoom in on to the post and click the report triangle.

Posiesmum 9 Aug 10 10:58 AM

Thanks,Stu. By the way, love the iPod app!

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