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Stu 12 Jan 06 09:46 PM

New Moderator
Hi Guys,
I would like to welcome Tracey (Orlandobelle) as a new Moderator here on the DIBB.

We have asked Tracey to become a moderator here and she has accepted the offer.
Tracey has been a member here on the DIBB since we first began in 2002 and has helped many members new and regular to enjoy these boards and to get the most from their holidays.

I think Tracey will be a valuable addition to the DIBB Team and I hope you will join me in welcoming her to this new position.:cocktail:

andi30 12 Jan 06 10:00 PM

Don't worry tracey we will be gentle with you now you are a mod ;) LOL

well done

andrea xx

Taggie 12 Jan 06 10:03 PM

Congratulations :mickeybou

Dizzy 12 Jan 06 10:14 PM


With Dibbers like Petal about we need all the mods we can get;) :d:

Claire44 12 Jan 06 10:15 PM

:jump: :jump: Congratulations Tracey :jump: :jump:

Clare 12 Jan 06 10:16 PM

It's nice to see another new moderator, the more the merrier :)

loadsapixiedust 12 Jan 06 10:18 PM

Well done Tracey! I'm sure you'll be a great Mod.

SusieK 12 Jan 06 10:25 PM

Congratulations Tracey. :smile:

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