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CreakingStool 29 Mar 17 12:03 PM

Have a great holiday, look forward to keeping up with this report :)

MissVincent 29 Mar 17 12:05 PM

great start looking forward to the qs part of the report

Camsmummy 29 Mar 17 12:11 PM

I'll be following along too it's our first time on QSDP in August.Have a great holiday!

dannigizmo 29 Mar 17 12:26 PM

following along have a great holiday xx

MissFortune 29 Mar 17 12:29 PM

How exciting :spin:

Really looking forward to reading more.

Everything looked delicious so far.

Safe travels & see you on the other side. :wavey:

loubyloulou 29 Mar 17 12:56 PM

have a great time looking forward to your report!

16offtodisney! 29 Mar 17 03:55 PM

Ohh, looking fireard to this x

Disney Bear 29 Mar 17 04:10 PM

great so far, safe travel, hoping to see more tasty food in the sunshine :)

dixonsontour 29 Mar 17 05:37 PM

Have a fabulous time

vixabelle 29 Mar 17 06:29 PM

Hope you had a great flight! And smooth immigration! I am so excited to read this food report, i need an up to date one before our hols, have a fab time!

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