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hayles25 29 Jul 19 09:57 AM

Animal Kingdom :(
Morning all!

Itís not long until we head off yipppee! We are only planning on doing one park as my nephew is only two and my sister will be 31 weeks (providing all goes to plan) and is restricted to many other rides.

I am planning to book tickets today and just looked a fast+ availability and Avatar is completely full up until the second week in October and I am NOT wanting to wait 2 plus hours for one ride. Itís a real shame as this is one of the main attractions. Any advice on a suggested itinerary for one day would be most welcome.

We go on the 8th September for two weeks :)


Kellea 29 Jul 19 10:09 AM

I think ive heard people on this forum mention that trying around 3pm or 3.01pm on MDE has been successful. I'm unsure why but it seems to work. You could try that x

sprocket 29 Jul 19 10:13 AM

Unfortunately you will struggle to get Avatar on a 30 day FP, they get snapped up by the 60 FPs.
Each day a small amount of FPs seem to be release so you maybe lucky on the day.
Avatar isnt suitable for pregnant woman or anyone under 1.2m

RM2016 29 Jul 19 10:15 AM

I think for one day for a two year old Magic Kingdom would be much better for things they can go on and I think there is only Dinorama and Navi without height restriction and the whole Avatar area will be extremely busy, not pleasant in the heat for a pregnant lady! You could get a one day hopper and go in the evening, you have a decent change of getting on FOP with around 60 min wait near closing.

hayles25 29 Jul 19 10:38 AM

Thanks for your advice guys, Iím aware of height restrictions etc and do worry about the heat for my sister however she is adamant she is gonna plod on hopefully all goes with her health :)

Sandra & co 29 Jul 19 10:52 AM

We didnít go to AK in the end but went to HS and EPcot, I couldnít get a fast pass so didnít bother. I checked everyday and gave up, my sil and her family wanted to get FOP and said they were going home the next day and they were let on with no queuing. (You could try that) :)

Moz 29 Jul 19 11:12 AM

We didnt get FOP at the 30 day mark... but when over there we managed to get it a couple of times [Slinky in HS as well] by trying on the day... seemed to be around midday and then at 3pm as above
Just keep trying and hopefully you will get one

Guest 29 Jul 19 11:36 AM

I love AK but if I were only going for one day and could only get 30 day FPs, then I would go to MK as there are a lot more options.

deanobrown 29 Jul 19 01:17 PM

I only got 30 day FPs last Xmas and managed to get some.
It was all completely full up like you're finding, however I just kept checking and a few weeks before we flew a ton of times opened up in the evening for practically everyday we were there!

vampiress88 29 Jul 19 01:56 PM

I agree with others. For a 2 year old magic kingdom would be loads better.

We managed to go loads in one day and we have a 3í& 4 year old.
We did Ariel, Ariel ride, belle, rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, elena, daisy, Pluto, splash mountain, BTM, Aladdin ride, Winnie the Pooh, pirates ride, small world, phiharmagic, Gaston meet, dumbo, buzz, laughing floor and tinkerbelle. All this done by 5.45. Came to park at 9.

Animal kingdom for us was different as our 4 year old was old enough for most rides.
So ours went Everest 3 time while they were on the last one we went to triceratops spin did that twice. Tough to be a bug. Navi. Lion king. Safari. Kali river. Dinosaur. This was in the same time frames. Thereís definitely not a lot of rides there for the littlest ones.

Back to the issue of fop itís not something we are bothered for so we didnít worry but the lines are huge. Even navi was 70mins when we went for our fastpass
Rope drop?

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