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missdopey 18 Apr 17 03:56 AM

Ok Let's Try This... Again! Live Food Report April 2017 - Day 9

This morning we were up early as we were checking in to the Polynesian for a couple of nights. We arrived at the poly at 8.15am and checked in, we then jumped on the monorail to the contemporary for breakfast at chef mickeys. This wouldn't have been a first choice for me but we thought DD would enjoy it. This is my first plate with scrambled egg, smoked salmon, bacon, mini hash browns and breakfast potatoes.

DD had some fruit, scrambled eggs, tomato, hash browns, Mickey waffle and chocolate chip pancake.

My second plate was similar to my first, we had orange juice and coffee to drink and there was loads of choice on the buffet. They had a large selection of pastries too. I enjoyed the food here but it's not worth the $40 for adults and $24 for children. I wouldn't eat here if I wasn't on the dining plan.

We spent the afternoon at the resort and headed to ohana for dinner. Ohana is a must do for us every trip. This was our 9th visit here. When we arrived we were given our welcome bread, this is a pineapple coconut bread and is pretty tasty.

DH and I both had a tropical macaw cocktail, there were $9.75 each.

Our server then brought out our salad, this had a passion fruit dressing and was very nice.

The 2 sauces they give you with the meal are peanut and sweet and sour and go really well with everything. The peanut one is absolutely delicious and my favourite!

The server then brought out our potstickers, chicken wings, noodles and vegetables. The potstickers and chicken wings are so good and we finished these and were brought a second lot.

Then came the meat! The chicken was really nice, it went well with the peanut sauce.

There was also steak which was cooked perfectly, still pink in the middle. The peel and eat shrimp were ok, I'm not a huge fan of shrimp, I like peeling them but not so much eating them.

After all the meats it was time for pudding! This is one of my absolute favourite Disney dishes. Bread pudding served a la mode with banana fosters sauce. It's soooooo good! I love the bits of bread pudding which are crunchy on the edges. This piece was huge and we almost finished it.

DD was brought 2 chocolate brownies with m&ms. This was $43 for adults and $24 for children. We absolutely love ohana and tonight was no different, it was as good as ever!

app 18 Apr 17 04:09 AM

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Mental Minnie 18 Apr 17 04:13 AM

Thanks for posting. Looks amazing. I can't wait to try o'hana in November. I am booking breakfast for our first week and dinner for the second week. Cant wait. Enjoy and have a great time.:wavey:

Jake71 18 Apr 17 08:52 AM

OOooooooo the food at Ohana's looks mouthwatering.

disneytrio 18 Apr 17 10:34 AM

Ohana looks delicious, we have it booked for the first time in August, really looking forward to it.

pmac 18 Apr 17 12:24 PM

Enjoying reading your food report. Food looks lovely today.

debsym62 18 Apr 17 12:31 PM

That all looks very nice. I must try eating in a Disney Resort one day.

Leia77 18 Apr 17 09:48 PM

I love the bread at o'hanas 😍 It all looks delicious!

Excitedx4 28 Apr 17 10:05 PM

I agree with you regarding chef mickeys we went last year albeit for dinner and the bill came to $214 for 2 adults an 11&5 year old with tip. We were on ddp as no chance would I pay oop for it, it's totally not worth it.

mick 29 Apr 17 12:18 PM

Some great looking food:spin:

Joan :wave:

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