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missdopey 7 Apr 18 01:45 AM

Ok Let's Try This Revisited Easter 2018 Style - Day 6

After a late nights last night and not getting to bed until about 1am I was awake around 8am. My cupcake from Main Street confectionary made a brief appearance for breakfast. This was a chocolate cake topped with cookies and cream frosting and 2 mini Oreos for ears. The frosting was really thick and the whole thing tasted really good.

Dd had her marshmallow wand dipped In chocolate and mini m&m's, she only ate abit of this as it's pretty big and she's not as seasoned as I am at having desserts for breakfast 😂.

Today's plan was Epcot, we haven't had a chance to look at much of the flower and garden stuff yet so we left for Epcot around 10.30am, with the hope that the carpark/bag check queues would have quietened down by the time we arrived.
And indeed it had, we were parked up and walking into Epcot in no time, our first stop was club cool for some Beverly. Then out the back of here into fountain view hallway to collect our annual pass holder Mickey magnets, not sure what I'm going to do with mine yet, I'm tempted to glue it to my car 😂

Next up we went for a slow wander through the butterfly tent and out to our fastpass for frozen, we'd missed our 2 earlier fastpasses which meant I was able to book further fastpasses and managed to pick up one for test track at 12.50pm.
After frozen DH took DD to watch the reflections of China show in the Chinese pavilion. I took this opportunity to have some time to myself wandering around and taking in Epcot at my own pace, I headed to the lotus house booth and ordered a king fu punch, this was vodka, triple sec, mango and orange and tasted so good! There was a generous serving of both vodka and triple sec but it wasn't too strong and I spent a chilled out 10 minutes people watching and enjoying my drink whilst waiting for DH and DD to come out from the show. This was $8.75.

After my refreshing beverage we walked on over to refreshment port where we got a Canadian cheddar cheese soup and a poutine with cheese soup and cheese curds to share between us. The cheese soup was as good as I remembered from le Cellier, I often make this at home but there's something special about having it at Disney.

It was now time for our test track fastpass, I really like the way you design your car before competing against others in your car. We always seem to go big on power, everything else ends up pretty awful 😂

After test track we made our way over to the beach club for this afternoons surprise we had planned for DD - our reservation at beaches and cream. While watching YouTube videos at home before our trip DD had seen the kitchen sink and was wowed by it. There was only one thing we were interested in ordering - the kitchen sink. We were seated as soon as we arrived and we ordered a coke to drink each and then our mammoth ice cream. When it came out they set off a flashing siren in the restaurant and have a little spiel about it, finishing with telling everyone it has a whole can of whipped cream and everyone in the restaurant says ‘a whole can?!' It's really good fun! It had 2 scoops of each chocolate, strawberry, mint choc chip and cookies and cream ice cream, Oreos, brownie, pound cake, banana, pineapple, mars bar, chocolate sauce, peanut butter drizzle, strawberries, cherries and a whole can of whipped cream.

It was massive and the three of of made the beat attempt we could but were defeated by the remaining ice cream soup in the bottom, we were all feeling stuffed, incredibly sick and there was no way we were sucking that up with a straw 😂.

Our total came to $41 and we settled up and went for a sit on the beach overlooking the boardwalk, we spent a lovely half an hour here watching the world pass by. I'd managed to get a fastpass for the character spot but unfortunately we weren't going to make it in time so I cancelled and got one for soarin a little later instead.

We decided to head back into Epcot and visit some of the kidcot stations, DD coloured in a Duffy on a stick in the U.K. and got it stamped and the. We headed over to Canada to have them do the same. We wandered back to future world and had a look in Mouse gears before our fastpass for soarin. I was pleasantly surprised we managed to fastpass the big 3 all in one day. After we returned from our soarin flight DD wanted a splash in the water fountain on the bridge to the world showcase, we spent half an hour or so here before calling time on our Epcot day around 7pm.

DD and I were feeling hungry so we called in at the McDonald's drive through on the 192 for something to eat. I got my usual regular Big Mac meal with Diet Coke, as expected it tasted exactly like any other maccies.

Dd had a cheese burger happy meal with orange juice, she ate every last bite so must have been alright. This came to $11 and was much needed after a lot of sweet stuff today, we ate it back at the room and then the plan was an early night to catch up with some sleep after last nights late night.

app 7 Apr 18 01:57 AM

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LLamb 7 Apr 18 06:45 AM

Wow what a brilliant day. I think you did amazingly well with the kitchen sink
And brilliant use of fpís, especially as you are there at Easter/spring break

Jake71 7 Apr 18 07:12 AM

I canít wait to take my grandkids for an attempt at the kitchen sink, although there wi be 7 of us so Iím hoping weíll complete the challenge. Iím very impressed with how well only 3 of you did though, only the dregs of the ice cream left. You did really well with your fastpasses. All in all a really good day, I love that you have dessert for breakfast, thatís my kind of thing.

mrsdjh 7 Apr 18 10:21 AM

A great Epcot day there. You did well getting on all the main rides, is it starting to get a little less busy?

You did well with your Kitchen Sink!

mick 7 Apr 18 12:57 PM

Nice day and you did really well with the Kitchen sink :pgig:

Joan :wave:

scottishnellie 15 Apr 18 04:02 PM

That Kung fu cocktail sounds lush :grin:

And didnít you do well with that kitchen sink between the 3 of you?! It took all 4 of us to make a dent in it whe we did it. Itís some feast.

Really enjoying binge reading your report today. Thanks so much for posting it :grin:

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