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missdopey 6 Sep 18 02:19 PM

Ok Let's Try Another One - August 2018 LIVE - Day 15

So home time had arrived 😭 We'd set an alarm for 8am as we thought we'd probably sleep past that. We'd finished most of our packing last night it was just this mornings essentials we needed to pack. We had one last watch of the monorails off the balcony and said goodbye to our ‘home'.

We popped by he contempo cafe with our mugs and grabbed a drink each for the journey. We set off from bay lake tower around 9.30am.

We drove down the US27 and stopped off at Walmart in clewiston to use the restrooms. The rest of the drive passed by pretty quickly and we arrived at the airport at 1.30pm. The car drop off is pretty straight forward , similar to Orlando in that you drive into the car park, pull up, someone checks over the car and hands you a receipt and you're off. We got the monorail over to the airport, Iberia check in is located at terminal E, when we arrived at the check in desk there was a smallish queue waiting and we were checked in within about 15 minutes.

Remembering our experience at Easter with the lack of food options after security we decided to grab some lunch at subway before going through security. DH had a foot long meatball marinara for $7,

I had a foot long ham for $7

dd had a kids cheese and ham sandwich with apple slices and juice box for $6. Total was $20.

We then headed through security, it wasn't particularly busy and took about 10 minutes. We only had about an hour before boarding was called for our flight so we had a look round the couple of shops. Boarding was completed quickly and we took off about 10 minutes early. The in flight entertainment was much better with Iberia that BA. There were 60 films to choose from and I found 4 that I watched throughout the flight.

About an hour and a half into the flight they came round with the dinner service. The choice was pasta or meatballs. I went with the pasta as the meat I had last time was awful. The pasta turned out to be spinach and ricotta and tomato pasta. It wasn't great, I managed about a third of it. It came with a salad I didn't touch and a stone cold hard bread roll, which I also didn't bother with. The cake was a chocolate cake and was just ok. I ate it out of hunger more than anything. I had a coke to drink with this. After tidying about trays away it was lights out and it remained this way until 50 Minutes before we landed. There were no other drinks offered between this.

50 mins before we landed the cabin crew came round with breakfast. It was a box containing a cheese and chicken croissant which was fine, a blueberry muffin (bleurgh), a pack of gummy sweets (errrr what?) and a twix (phew). It came with a choice of fruit juice so I went for orange.

Then they came offering tea or coffee. After a quick sail through the cabin collecting trash it was time for landing in Madrid, we ended up landing 40 minutes early and it was still dark! This meant we had an hour and a half to get our connection. The boards were showing us to go to gate S42 for our Manchester flight, so instead of making our way to terminal4 H and to the gate the plane was at we had to do to gate S42 in terminal 4S that we landed at, from here a bus collected us and took us straight to the plane, a much easier process. There were quite a number of us making this connection from the Miami flight.

We boarded at 8.40am and were slightly delayed taking off, the flight was uneventful and over quickly. Food and drinks are available to purchase on this flight should you wish. We landed about 15 minutes early, we were quickly off the plane and through passport control and waiting for our bags. They took about 20 minutes but we're all off relatively quickly when they started coming and this time all our luggage made it, including the pram! Horray! We called the meet and greet company who brought our car to the terminal car park and we were on our way home by 11.10am.

app 6 Sep 18 02:25 PM

New Photo Added by missdopey - 6 Sep 18 2:25 PM.

mick 6 Sep 18 08:15 PM

Thank you for taking the time to do a trippie :spin:
I have enjoyed reading along

Joan :wave:

Floridaagogo 6 Sep 18 08:54 PM

Thoroughly enjoyed your report x

Mortimer Mouse 7 Sep 18 09:07 AM

A nice straightforward travel day. I've really enjoyed your report. It's my dream to stay at the Contemporary resort. I love the food options and it's location is hard to beat.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Cinderella 7 Sep 18 09:31 PM

Thank you for sharing your trip with us 👍

mrsdjh 8 Sep 18 11:58 PM

Thank you for doing your report. I've enjoyed reading it.

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