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missdopey 5 Jul 16 01:29 AM

Ok Lets Try This... Live Food Report June/July 2016 - Day 10

We packed up the rest of our stuff and left Coronado springs for our home away from home, bay lake tower. We checked in at 11 and headed to magic kingdom waiting for our room to be ready. We had made lunch reservations for be our guest as we knew MK would be busy with it being 4th July. Our room was actually ready at 11.39.

Our lunch reservation was 12.50, it went downhill right from the start. We wanted to use our last quick service credits for the adult meals and pay for the kids meal we had pre ordered. The cast member could not figure out how to do this and after 10 minutes a manager came over and sorted it out and offered not to charge us for the kids meal. She personally took us to a table and collected our kids meal. DD had the pasta marinara with fries and chocolate milk.

DDs food came out and she ate it all and ours was nowhere to be seen, they cleared our table having been sat for half an hour when I asked a cast member who went to find out what was going on, she came back and said it had been reordered and apologised giving us a coupon for a fastpass for one person. It then took a further 20 minutes for our food to arrive. I had the roast beef sandwich which was ok but after waiting so long and DD getting agitated it wasn't really worth it.

DH got the turkey sandwich which he thought was really good.

For dessert I had the triple chocolate cupcake again, this was as good as ever!

DH had the lemon meringue cupcake which he said was ok. It took us over an hour from checking in to getting our food, we really wished we'd gone somewhere else.

We headed back to bay lake tower and got the exact room we were hoping for. We'd requested a high floor room and after getting a contemporary view last year we were hoping for the same again and ended up with the same room a couple of floors lower.

Dinner this evening was at the California grill. This is perhaps our favourite Disney restaurant.

I had a nice glass of rosť to go with my meal.

DH had a glass of red.

We were fortunate enough to get a window seat. I love looking over seven seas lagoon as the sun begins to set! DD had the cheese and tomato pizza. This was really good, I finished off what she couldn't manage.

DH had the the fillet of beef with risotto ($49), he thought the was exceptional and the best dish he has had in a long time!

I had the spicy Kazan roll ($26), I'm a huge sushi fan and this is the best sushi dish I've had and my must have dish at California grill! The fireball sauce is quite hot but very tasty and the scallops are cooked perfectly. Amazing dish!

For dessert DD had the cookies and ice cream, she loved this but couldn't finish the cookies, we finished them off for her and they were so good!

DH had the cheese board, he said this was fantastic and had a great selection of cheeses!

I have the chocolate pudding cake, this was amazing! Gooey and rich and so chocolatey. The ice cream was mint flavour (real mint not the artificial ice cream flavour) which was abit strange but the seat salt on top really made it.

This was the best meal we had on the dining plan, absolutely delicious from start to finish, with amazing views.

We headed upto the top of the world lounge for the 4th July fireworks, DH grabbed us a cocktail each and DD a coke.

The view of the fireworks was amazing.

We then came back to our room and watched the Epcot fireworks and electrical water pageant from our balcony while enjoying a cold drink. Happy 4th of July!

app 5 Jul 16 03:36 AM

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JenD1 5 Jul 16 07:49 AM

After dodgy start (should have been free fast pass for all!) you ended up having a fantastic day.😊

disneytrio 5 Jul 16 08:21 AM

The Cali food looks amazing, it was our best meal of our holiday last year aswell.

mick 5 Jul 16 10:08 AM

A mixed food day:( but great views of the fireworks:spin:


Jake71 5 Jul 16 12:29 PM

What spectacular views from your room and the restaurant. Such a shame about the mix-up with your order at Be Our Guest. However, the steak at California Grill looked delicious.

debsym62 5 Jul 16 12:49 PM

Looks fantastic at the California Grill, may have to go on my wish list but I always end up being tight when I am out there lol.

waiting4disney 5 Jul 16 05:57 PM

Glad the day improved. California Grill looks impressive.

jennieg2 5 Jul 16 10:30 PM

Loving your report, the food is making my mouth water 😳

Ycryan 5 Jul 16 10:38 PM

What a great day x

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