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missdopey 11 Jul 16 03:49 AM

Ok Lets Try This... Live Food Report June/July 2016 - Day 16

This morning we had a well needed lie in. We got up and headed to sweet tomatoes for lunch. After all of the rich food and desserts in starting to crave salad! I went for pretty much the same plate of salad as I got last time. There's Caesar salad, lettuce blue cheese dressing and feta cheese with croutons, tuna pasta salad, potato salad, tomatoes, onion and cabbage. This was really good! I also got a strawberry lemonade to drink which was very tasty.

DD got a plate with broccoli, pasta, sweet corn, peas, linguine, tomatoes and chick peas. There's such a great selection on the salad buffet here!

Here's DH's plate with his choices.

I got a bowl of French onion soup and added some grated mozzarella, this was delicious and reminded me of the soup at be our guest and les chefs du France.

I also had a slice of chicken pizza and cheeses garlic bread, these were both very good, especially the garlic bread, it was lovely and garlicky!

DD had a self serve ice cream for dessert. I love the dessert section here, there's a self service ice cream machine with mini cones, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce and a load of topping such a sprinkles and nuts, they also have some bakery items like brownies and Muffins.

DH had a chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I had chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream and caramel sauce. This was lovely, the brownie was soft and chewy on the inside and had crispy edges which was perfect with the ice cream. This came to $31 for the 3 of us as we came at lunch time where the buffet is only $9.99 each.

We spent the afternoon at Epcot where we managed to get on the frozen ride for the first time using a fastpass i managed to get this morning. It was fantastic! It started to rain mid afternoon and we decided to head off and have dinner somewhere.

We settled on one of out favourites, lonestar steakhouse just past crossroads. DH and I had the signature lettuce wedge to start, this came as one of the sides with our mains. I love this lettuce wedge it's so fresh and the blue cheese dressing and Blue cheese crumb on top is so tasty.

DD had the Mac and cheese off the kids menu which came with a side of fries. This was a huge portion, the Mac and cheese was a bowl full and we empties about a third onto the plate to cool it down for her to eat.

I had the 8oz sirloin steak cooked medium rare with a side of steak fries topped with cheese and bacon. The steak was cooked perfectly and was lovely, there wasn't a single piece of fat on it.

DH had the 14oz ribeye cooked rare and enjoyed this but there was quite abit of fat on the piece of meat. He also got the steak fries topped with cheese and bacon.

The total came to $57.01, our server was fantastic too, she was a massive Disney fan and we chatted loads about the parks and what we'd been upto.

This evening we spent some time at the boardwalk, we went and tried the new ample hills creamery. I ordered the ooey gooey butter cake sundae with chocolate milk and cookies ice cream topped with salted caramel sauce. Oh my goodness, this is the one thing I will crave from this holiday. The ooey gooey butter cake was like a cross between shortbread tasting and blondie texture but so rich and gooey. The chocolate milk and cookies ice cream was chocolate ice cream with huge cookie pieces like Oreos in it and was very nice ice cream. The salted caramel sauce was Devine! The whole thing was amazing, it cost $8.49 and was worth every penny!

DH got a dark chocolate double scoop ice cream and really enjoyed this, I tried it and it was really good. This was $7.49 so quite pricey but very good ice cream. DD also got a single scoop vanilla cone which was $5.69, she'd already got stuck in before I could take a picture.

When we got back DD had some of the chocolate ginger bread Mickey from the fridge which had been another snack credit purchase from last week.

app 11 Jul 16 04:13 AM

New Photo Added by missdopey - 11 Jul 16 4:13 AM.

Jake71 11 Jul 16 09:32 AM

Your steak looks perfect, just the way I'd have it. All the food looks amazing.

Sparksy72 11 Jul 16 09:45 AM

What a delicious food day! Sweet tomatoes looks so fresh and lovely 😊

mick 11 Jul 16 02:07 PM

All looking great especially the steaks:spin:


waiting4disney 11 Jul 16 07:25 PM

All looks lovely especially the steak

disneytrio 11 Jul 16 07:33 PM

The ice cream sounds fantastic!

dixonsontour 11 Jul 16 11:52 PM

The ice cream sounds gorgeous

Excitedx4 29 Apr 17 01:53 PM

Steak looks fab!

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