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liz-paul 17 Jun 19 01:27 PM

Gluten free eating
So as you can see from my countdown my trip is screaming closer!

I just wanted to ask any gluten free diners how you found California to be for gf options? I have assumed that there will be gf options every where but I'd love some reassurance from someone who's been :thumbs-up There is nothing worse than dragging your hungry family from restaurant to restaurant trying to find something suitable :(

400ixl 17 Jun 19 01:57 PM

Loads in California from a restaurant point of view, just search for your location on Google. You can get apps for your phone too. Had no issues in San Fran right down to San Diego and across to Vegas.

Its loads better even in hypermarkets as if something is gluten free it should be labelled as such. They also have GF sections as well.

Be aware, often bread is in the freezer GF section, but wraps are in the normal section.

landandword17 17 Jun 19 02:05 PM

The big cities in California are probably the best place in the US for GF eating or any type of special diet. Many of them there are doing GF because they think it’s healthier rather than for heath reasons so you’ll see gluten free options almost everywhere even in places you wouldn’t expect it like Pinks hotdogs!

liz-paul 17 Jun 19 04:47 PM

Thank you both! You have confirmed what I suspected but I am having last minute holiday anxiety! I hate eating in new places because it's such a faff sometimes.

Aims 17 Jun 19 06:21 PM

Hi liz-paul! Living in California, I can confirm that there are gluten-free options everywhere. Most restaurants have gluten-free items marked on the menus, and all the grocery stores I go into have gluten-free sections. You should have no problems finding something! :)

metalguru 18 Jun 19 08:49 AM

My wife is gluten free and we travel all over the US. The options for her are brilliant. Especially in Frisco and New York.

lynne6705 27 Jun 19 08:43 PM

Just one word of warning, I am gluten free and in a few restaurants I went to order what was classed as a gluten free meal and then when I mentioned that I was Coeliac they confirmed that the meal was gluten free but that it didnt contain a lot of gluten :-(

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