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Loopylooloo 9 Oct 20 06:58 PM

Back from Brighton
Just a mini trip report of my few days spent this week with friends in Brighton, we feel so privileged and lucky to have actually been able to get away together (for the record no covid rules were broken). There was myself, Jules, Wendy (we call her Wendy Lady) Alison, and Michelle - there are usually six of us, but my friend Nicci couldn’t make it this time as she is on local lockdown in Wales. :(

We usually go away together for a few days every year, and have been doing so for 12 years since our children were small, for a much needed mums break. We started using tesco vouchers for just 2 nights away, and over the years as the kids got older this got more and more extended, and more adventurous- a cruise to Norway, a week in Mallorca etc. I am chief planner, and this years trip was meant to be for a week to Split, Croatia, to celebrate Wendy ladys 50th birthday. Of course, this didn’t happen thanks to “Rona” First Jet2 cancelled our package holiday, so I rebooked with Easyjet, they also pulled the flights, then Croatia was added to the quarantine list, and that was that. Back to the drawing board! So, I booked an Airbnb house in Brighton, for four nights, and just hoped and prayed that nothing else would prevent us from going. I didn’t actually believe we would really make it, as the rules were getting stricter and stricter by the day but amazingly we DID! Yay! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Jules and I drove down first, to decorate the house with bunting for Wendy, we chose a Rainbow theme, which followed through in the beautiful rainbow layer cake (M&S) Weather was awful, but we set off hardly believing we were actually going! Who would have thought it... the house sleeps 10-12 people usually, so with only 5 of us was very spacious and we felt nicely spread out in bedrooms and bathrooms etc. It was in a great location just outside Brighton city centre.

When we arrived, the host met us (we all wore masks) and he showed us around, the house was perfect for a group, huge modern rooms, spotlessly clean, comfortable beds, and a lovely outdoor heated pool. (We paid a bit extra to have it heated to hot tub level)

We unpacked our three hundred bags of crisps, wine, etc put all the bunting up, and waited for Wendy and the other girls to arrive. We had put together goody bags for everyone with lots of mini hand sanitizer, choccies, mini face masks, tissues etc.

Wendy was suitably surprised and delighted when she saw all the balloons, cake and presents, and we all had a bit of an emotional moment, saying how we are so lucky to be able to be together for just a few days during this very weird time.

We stayed up until a crazy Corona acceptable 10pm, chatting and playing Cards Against Humanity, (that was eye opening!) then having filled ourselves with Prosecco, Cheese, and Chocolate we headed to bed. It was then I realised eating copius amounts of cheese and chocolate washed down with red wine before bed was not a great idea, and laid awake until way past 2am, which I never do! Oh dear.

Loopylooloo 9 Oct 20 07:13 PM

Day Two - Its raining (not men)
Woke up eight ish, and had two cups of tea in an attempt to feel vaguely human. We made a lovely full English breakfast then more coffee, and then rolled back the pool cover and had a wonderful swim! It was heated to just the right temperature and blissful. We even attempted some synchronised swimming. (And failed) 😂 Then we all just sat around chatting and ‘chilling’ on our devices like children!

We popped out to the nearest shop in the afternoon, just as we left the heavens opened and there was a river of rain pouring down the lane! We saw this unique garden ‘ornament’ in someones front garden, this is when you know you are in Brighton! Love it.

There was a lovely rainbow though which seemed fitting!

After being completely drenched we got showered and glammed up for our posh evening out, a surprise meal for Wendy lady.

The Ivy was beautiful! Such a fabulous decor, lovely welcoming staff (wearing amazing red dresses) and amazing food, (the truffle and parmesan chips are to die for).

Taxi booked for 10pm sharp in line with covid regs, and we were all in our respective beds by a shameful/respectful 11pm! My kind of night actually I love the 10pm rule, as I am such a lightweight and I love my bed. Thankfully I got straight to sleep this time.

Loopylooloo 9 Oct 20 07:22 PM

Day Three - Jewellery and Jailtime
Up late (9am) and I made Croque Madame for a breakfast treat, it is a toasted bread basket, made in a muffin tin, filled with thinly sliced ham, an egg, bechamel sauce and topped with cheese. It was really delicious. I sprinkled a little truffle powder on each one.
We drank about ten cups of tea and coffee, then got the bus into Brighton to explore the lanes, and just get some fresh air. Wendy lady wanted a piece of jewellery to commemorate her 50th birthday, and what better place to look, jewellery shops galore, some nicer than others, some had very pushy sales people, which we didnt like. She knew that her birthstone is an Opal, and after much window shopping we eventually we found the perfect Opal ring in a tiny shop opposite what was (sadly) now closed, Choccy Woccy Doo dah. The sales girl was so lovely, not pushy, and the ring fitted Wendys finger, we had found ‘the one’!

We celebrated by having a cheeky glass of lunchtime wine, and some nibbles in the sunshine which had finally decided to make an appearance (hasnt the weather been dreadful past week or so)

Back to the house for more tea, and a donut each from the Dum Dum Donut shop, yummy. Then a swim, and a nice bath before we headed out for our night in the Cells, at Alcotraz Penitentiary...

We set off around six thirty hoping to have fish and chips on the pier, arriving to find it was closed (covid) of course, so went a bit further along the sea front to another chippy. Food was ok, not outstanding in any way shape or form but anyhoo. I am someone who prefers quality over quantity! We arrived at Cell block one three at 8pm and got taken to our cell by a very strict warden, we had to wear orange boiler suits, masks, and follow strict orders or else!

Once in our cell, we had to drink prison soup (cocktails) and repent our terrible crimes. We rebelled by singing “I want to break free” and, in tribute to bridget jones (whom i am often compared to) “ like a virgin” and got told off by the guards for ‘spreading joy’ 😂
The couple in the cell behind us said they were meant to get married this year but hadnt due to Covid so I married them, and they had their honeymoon in the prison cell, it was very romantic!

We were home by ten thirty, quick couple of card games of ‘bullsh#*t‘ and ‘Crabby Queen’ then to bed nice and early again.

Loopylooloo 9 Oct 20 07:28 PM

Day Four - Christmas comes early!
Weather was awful today first thing, but despite the rain we woke up to the joy of Christmas morning, I had decorated with tinsel, and we all wore our Christmas diddy boppers, and played Christmas carols (why not?) 😂

Wendy made a delicious full English breakfast and we again had three or four cups of tea/coffee and just enjoyed the relaxation in our pyjamas.

At around 1pm we had some of my recently home made Christmas pudding, and all settled down to watch Moana, it was bliss. It still makes me cry when her grandma passes away. Such a good film and a nice little bit of Disney time.

Miraculously the sun came out mid afternoon so we quickly changed and had a swim in the pool. The extra pool heat was so worth the money, I now really really wish we had a pool at home but sadly that is never going to happen as my garden is just not big enough.

We all reflected on how this year has been, and how blessed we are to have each others support and friendship. Yes it got mushy! (Appropriately of course!)

We went out for our last dinner at the Giggling Squid in Brighton, which is part of a chain of modern Thai restaurants. It was fantastic food very nicely presented and really flavourful.

As we left the desserted city at exactly 10pm we went past the beautifully lit Royal Pavilion. A lovely end to a really lovely few days with friends - much needed - Although Wendy didn’t have the birthday she thought she would we still really enjoyed our time together and we made great memories to look back on until the next trip!

mrsdjh 9 Oct 20 09:25 PM

Glad you managed to get away Louise. It sounds like a great weekend and you did some fun things. Have you chosen anywhere for next year?

maidmarian 9 Oct 20 09:30 PM

Looks Amazing! 😍

Loopylooloo 9 Oct 20 09:36 PM


Originally Posted by mrsdjh (Post 14673999)
Glad you managed to get away Louise. It sounds like a great weekend and you did some fun things. Have you chosen anywhere for next year?

Hopefully Croatia, but, not booking anything until much nearer to the time. Having a spacious house and pool just for our own use felt like a good option over a busy hotel though, something we will bear in mind when we do book.

Michyloulou 9 Oct 20 09:40 PM

What an awesome getaway- so lucky to have an air bnb with a pool as well!
Sounds like you’ve made loads of amazing memories with your friends.

DisneyDaffodil 9 Oct 20 09:46 PM

What a fantastic break away Louise, I’m so pleased you managed to go and even had some sunshine too 😀

Loopylooloo 9 Oct 20 09:49 PM


Originally Posted by DisneyDaffodil (Post 14674020)
What a fantastic break away Louise, I’m so pleased you managed to go and even had some sunshine too 😀

Thank you 🥰 I hope you are ok x

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