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cartoonp 21 Sep 19 06:35 PM


Gill635 22 Sep 19 01:33 AM

Thanks guys. I keep trying to post a screenshot of it, but it wonít post on here for some reason!

Good to know that I may not have lost everything, Iíll get it looked at when Iím back home. Just gutted I canít back up my camera pics for now.

No error messages that I can see, so fingers crossed it me an easy fix

cartoonp 22 Sep 19 02:41 AM

Hope you get it sorted . If you got your pictures on a sd card or phone go in to Walgreens and upload to a dvd disk at least you world have made a copy. I used business cente in the GF I all so used the one in contemporary resort as I wanted to back up all my pictures and videos.

Gill635 22 Sep 19 06:36 AM

Good thinking! Iíll get that done once Iím back on the mainland. Thanks!

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