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Bellatrix 9 Aug 19 10:03 PM

Halloween 2019 live dining report
Iíve been reading The Dibb for a long time and have picked up so many good tips, especially for dining! Weíve been visiting annually since 2014. Iím going to have a go at doing a live dining report in October!

The plan so far...
Friday 29th October - pre travel day. Weíve got the premier inn booked at Gatwick and will probably eat at the Wetherspoons. Our return flight arrives at Heathrow so my husband has to drop me and the luggage off at Gatwick, drive to park the car at Heathrow and then get the bus back to Gatwick 😬

Saturday 26th - travel day and my birthday! Weíre staying at Caribbean beach with DDP for a week. Will probably just grab a CS at the hotel before we fall into bed

Sunday 27th - plan is to make use of the jet lag and do galaxyís edge 6am magic hours. Iíve booked Ogaís Cantina for 9am, a bit early for a cocktail but will be a chance to see it! I REALLY want to do Cali Grill brunch but havenít been able to get an ADR so far, Iím hoping for a last minute cancellation 😭 Plan for the evening is Epcot Food and Wine

Monday 28th - will probably head to Vineland outlets in the morning. Not planning to book any fastpasses for today, will just see where we fancy going. ADR for Homecomin in Disney Springs in the evening (husbandís number 1 choice)

Tuesday 28th - AK all day and then Grand Floridian Cafe for dinner. Will head for cocktails at Trader Samís at the Polynesian after

Wednesday 30th - MK all day. Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch

Thursday 31st - Iíve booked Frontera Cocina at Disney springs for lunch. Itís been on the list since itís opened but weíve not made it there yet so hopefully will this time! Ogaís Cantina for evening cocktails

Friday 1st November - AK day! Yak and Yeti (my favourite!) for lunch and Epcot food and wine snacks in the evening

Floridaagogo 9 Aug 19 10:25 PM

Looking forward to reading along x

theCMG 11 Aug 19 03:32 PM

added tyo the dining reports index, looking forward to more plans and food :)

xXxSammi88xXx 11 Aug 19 04:36 PM

Weíre also at homecomin on the monday evening. Looking forward to the fried chicken!

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