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MsMinervaMouse 12 Oct 19 09:37 AM

Back Problems - New Mattress Needed!
My back and shoulder are in constant knots 😭 I used to see a physio occasionally but now itís become almost constant and the cost of physio became a bit too much.

Last night, my shoulder was so sore I was almost in tears. Every position I tried hurt more than the last. I ended up grabbing a big blanket from the living room and sleeping on the floor! I canít take this mattress anymore - I suppose itís a bit old (maybe about 5 or 6) and it was expensive new, but it seems to be on its last legs

SO - does anyone have any mattress suggestions? Are the Simba/Casper/Emma ones really worth the hype? We need something extra firm, and ideally TODAY! Pillow suggestions also welcome as I donít think ours are helping.

Help! 😭

Edit: Iíve accidentally posted this thread twice, and I canít figure out how to delete it on mobile 🙈

Leggibone 12 Oct 19 09:47 AM

Hereís a fun thought... does it actually need to be extra firm?
I sleep on a firm mattress at Home and find it really comfy, this week in Spain I have been on a extra firm almost concrete type mattress and I havenít been able to get comfy all week! Or is it that the springs have gone in your current one?
I canít think of anywhere except Costco and I mean that Iíve seen sprung mattress to go that day? Carpet right near us have some foam ones?
Sorry not helping? Mine is John Lewis - they can take a couple weeks to deliver though (although mess with there website there were a few I could have got the next couple days)

Cuxi 12 Oct 19 09:59 AM

If you have a solid bed frame (not divan) try using two four inch blocks or even bricks under the legs at the bedhead.

This turned things around for me about fifteen years ago when my back started playing up for no good reason.

For the first night or two you may have a sensation of sliding down the bed but for the overall relief it brings, it's unbelievable.

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