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WeluvDisney2016 21 Sep 20 11:33 AM

Disney hotels for 6 people
We've been hoping to go back to Florida for ages and were hoping to go in the next few years before my eldest starts comprehensive school, however we have recently found out that we are expecting our 4th child, complete suprise!
We are hoping that there is a moderate resort that will accommodate our large family in the hope that we'd be able to get free QS dining (obviously if this is available when we book!)
At the time of travel the children would be 11, 10, 4 and 2.

Do you know of anywhere that would be suitable?

Fyi, my husband doesn't like to drive so would prefer to stay on site


Florida virgin 21 Sep 20 12:01 PM

Never stayed onsite, I thought the max was 5, but that would be pushing it too far for me, but 6 in a room - no way - can you not stay local ie LBV suites, get a 3 bedroomed one then get taxi there and back

PeachyLemons 21 Sep 20 12:21 PM

Unless you wanna spend ££ then the options onsite are a bit limited - wilderness lodge cabins I think are moderate. The All Star Music has just had its family suites renovated, and look very nice, but this is a value resort - (we really enjoyed this resort). The other option is Art of Animation, which is a Ďvalue plusí and would fit what you wanted, probably the most age appropriate for the kids as itís full on Disney! - this is on the skyliner too, so easy travel into HS & EPcot.
Unfortunately the values donít have free QS but have free breakfast, which is just 1 QS meals a day (any time)

rafjen 21 Sep 20 12:47 PM

Art of Animation and the All star Music have family suites for 6 but they usually aren't included in free dining, they are values so as previous people have said even if they are on free dining it would previously have been free breakfast. The only moderate for 6 is fort wilderness cabins. Again these are usually much more expensive than a standard moderate and I'm not sure they are part of free dining(not sure though). Also its a large sprawling resort so not one I'd personally do without a car internal bus route then a bus to resort. You could do DVC one or two beds but will be extremely expensive and not part of free dining either. In all honestly I have found two rooms at a value or moderate is cheeper than the family suites/fort wilderness. I would price 2 moderate rooms hopefully adjoining and compare with the value suites then factor in the free dining - which comes out cheapest.

WeluvDisney2016 21 Sep 20 09:40 PM

Thank you everyone, i don't mind staying at a value at all, I've been trying to research prices but as asm isn't open at the moment i cant get anything to come up. The nightly prices for the suites are pretty much double so i don't think it would be worth paying that plus paying to upgrade from the breakfast only plan. I think we'd have to utilize the free meal to the max, maybe breakfast in the room and a try for a cheap meal/snack as our other meal.

I did have a quick look at Double tree suites in lbv but you cant have any dining at all which dh doesn't like 🙄he's so flipping picky, he doesn't seem to understand that disney as a family of 6 is not straightforward 🤦

Donaldfan 21 Sep 20 09:50 PM

If it was me I wouldn't base my decision on free dining as there's no knowing if it'll return.

PeachyLemons 21 Sep 20 09:55 PM

I had originally booked for this year at ASMu in a family suite and that was 14 nights from 12th Sept. The cost was £2618, obviously had to cancel :( so we have had to go for two standard pool rooms in pop for Jan 2021...that cost is £1800 per room so £3600 :o (FYI a family suite in AOA is £3900, so just a little cheaper for the 2 rooms)

WeluvDisney2016 22 Sep 20 05:27 PM

I know, just living on a prayer 😂 if there wasn't free dining we'd stay off site

WeluvDisney2016 22 Sep 20 05:29 PM

Thank you thats very helpful! Its nice to see an actual price. It's cheaper than what i was finding on the nightly rates to!

Shooby doo 22 Sep 20 08:12 PM

Personally on a family of 6 I'd go to the Staybridge Suites at LBV, free breakfast & walking distance to loads of eateries, & way cheaper to eat than Disney Pricing !

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