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highlander447 25 Nov 08 06:26 PM

Highlander Day7 Celebrities/Barry Manilow/Hooker
For cast please see day1

Wednesday 22nd Oct
I was awake around 2am and by 3 I'm sitting on the balcony sorting pics etc and typing up notes, around 6 I head out to Walgreens for more supplies that we may need in the next few days, on my return I get breakfast from the lobby, the hotel provides free of charge a selection of bagels, pastries,bread,cereals, boiled eggs, ham,strawberry yoghurt plus a selection of jams, butter and cream cheese, coffee, tea and fruit juices, milk etc all available as well, I should also point out that this is when I set fire to the toasting machine as well as my bagel got stuck in the toaster and it exploded in flames but in my defense, no forget it no defense just wasn't my fault, once the offending bagel was removed and said flames extinguished I tried again with a smaller bagel and it worked this time, I took some breakfast things back to the room for the family as it was now nearer 8am and they had rested enough.

Once we had all eaten and got sorted we left to explore the strip, we had our monorail passes and our power passes at the ready, Danny wanted to see Madame Tussuad's so we walked over to MGM Grand to get the monorail up to the Harrahs station, now because of our location we just had to go in through the valet entrance and up to the monorail just over 10 mins, at Harrahs I tried a few slots and got three red 7's flashing lights etc ensued for the grand total of $25 another 7 would have added a 0 to that and two more 00, once Jacquie dragged me away from the slots, we wandered up to the Venetian with Jacquie stopping in every fleamarket shop she passed and there where a lot but I dragged her away so there.
We arrived at the waxworks with about 10 mins to opening so we just admired the Venetian it really is a stunning building as are most of the lavish resorts, we used our power passes to gain entry tickets at opening time and we had a good time in here some waxworks where a lot better than some and I did trick Jacquie into speaking into the Jerry Springer microphone as I had told her you had to speak in and he would reply, Danny was peeing himself as we got her to try three times before she realized what we where doing, other visitors where giving her strange looks by now as well, she also donned a wedding dress to marry George Clooney in one exhibit see pics below
Danny really liked it in here as you could interact with the exhibits although he almost broke Shaquille O'Neal with a basketball he threw as it missed the basket and bounced off him, see Dannys pics below
They also had a fear zone set up for Halloween this was similar to a HHN house in Universal we all had to proceed in a line in near darkness and guess who was leading yep Big Stevie who needs glasses to see in Daylight, so imagine this I was leading my family plus a few others through here and I take a wrong turn smack into a wall while being chased by a chainsaw maniac at most turns it was actually pretty good fun and we all looked embarrassed on leaving the room as we had all screamed like a girl at some point, the only exhibit that confused me was Princess Diana in the American Spirit room very strange perhaps she was really a CIA spy after all
some of my pics looking very serious
We then headed over to the Mirage, where yet again I played the slots while Jacquie and Danny had a look in the shops, now here I was down $20 but just as I was leaving my last spin won we $80.76 no idea how but those free drinks do encourage you to gamble at least thats my excuse, our next stop after being dragged away again with my Bourbon and coke this time though was the Secret Garden and boy it is a secret as it took us nearly 20 mins to find it, as I told Jacquie perhaps its fate to stay in the casino :D unfortunately Jacquie isn't big on the fates, once we found the Garden we used our power pass to gain entry, now to be honest I wasn't really impressed by the Garden its a pretty small area, but Jacquie loves dolphins so she enjoyed it and the Tigers looked okay although the pics where poor due to the wire, not that complaining about the wire, they also had a baby dolphin (Bella) swimming with its family think it was only a month old so that was cute according to Jacquie, we had a drink here although no one was hungry think the heat had something to do with that, we did buy our Souvenir photo package with frame for $45 a good deal as the frame is a proper ceramic frame
It was now a little after 2pm so we called home to say Night to DD (by the way we had been doing this every day just didn't want to bore you with details), she was just back from seeing HSM3 with her boyfriend and we told her we had just met Zack and Danny had his pic taken with him, she really believed us and was really miffed, but we did tell her it was only a dummy before hanging up.
We then got the Monorail up to the Hilton to pick up our Barry Manilow tickets for this evening, Danny played in their video arcade while I won another $20 off the Star Wars slots and another drink here.

highlander447 25 Nov 08 06:26 PM
We then got the monorail back to the resort and spent an hour at the pool before getting ready for the Barry Manilow show later, I had a free wine at the reception before leaving for dinner, tonight we where eating at Ocean One Bar and Grille in the Miracle Mile, we arrived at 6pm and the place wasn't too busy DW ordered Chicken Burger, DS ordered BBQ Chicken Pizza and I had Salmon in a stir fried black choy sauce with veggies plus 3 cokes the food was very good
the bill was $34 incl tip after using my $25 certificate. once bill was paid we headed to the Monorail to get to the Hilton but I was distracted by a few slots on the way meaning we arrived with 10 mins to spare, the usher gave us glowsticks for use in the concert, now I do like Barry and he didn't disappoint he was really great for his age, he played a few songs from his new album and many oldies, he was on for nearly 2 hours with no breaks at all and boy can he move and unlike other stars had no problems with cameras at his show
some pics
After the show I tried the slots and was drawn in by the Star Trek machines and after being $60 down I decided stuff Star Trek, (and for any one wondering if there is any Star Trek merchandise still on sale here there isn't you can see where the attraction was though which is annoying as I was so looking forward to this attraction hence why I bought these power passes) after giving up on the Star Trek slots I try wolf run and no sooner do I sit down when a young girl about 19 or 20 joins me she tells me here name is Tracy and whats my name?,well what do you say I say Steve :D , so she then asks if I'm looking for company tonight but I sadly say no as I'm here with my wife, so she says okay and night, DW comes over to ask who that was so I tell her I believe that's a Hooker, she was gob smacked as this girl looked pretty hot but wasn't dressed like a hooker portrayed in TV, Danny thought it was funny, DW asked what if she hadn't been there and quick as flash Danny said "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" :pgig: , so with us all laughing we got the monorail back to the resort, some tv and a night cap before we all turned in, Tomorrow Hoover Dam/Hockey/Eiffel Tower

JaneSi 25 Nov 08 07:31 PM

I used to go and see Barry quite a lot many years ago and can only say that he is a superb showman. He has never had a problem with cameras - I have albums full to prove it! ALso he puts on an excellent show - glad to see he hasn't changed!

MrsG26 25 Nov 08 11:02 PM

I am loving reading your trip report. We spent a month in Texas in March and decided to go to Vegas for 5 nights over easter when we were there. It was amazing. Never been anywhere like it. I sooooo wanna go back.

Love the photos. Look forward to the next instalment!

Jools 25 Nov 08 11:59 PM

Lols - well the hooker would have to find you Steve. Lol at Danny's comment :pgig:

Guest 26 Nov 08 09:32 AM

Another fantastic report Steve with lovely photos.

Strommie 26 Nov 08 09:08 PM

Great day Steve. I did have a little giggle about your encounter with one of Vegas' lovely ladies of the night though ;)

orlandosgr8 27 Nov 08 07:34 PM

A great day. lol at your encounter :pgig:

Guest 29 Nov 08 04:31 PM

A great day, photos & plenty laughs!

Heather1957 8 Dec 08 12:20 AM

The only reason we ever went to the Hilton was to go the Startrex exhibit - I have to admit once being a Trekie but the draw was Quarks bar - lovely cocktails and I'll really miss them. :(

Love reading the report especially as it's about Vegas!

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