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Vanillapod 15 Aug 19 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Mimistef (Post 14015268)
Have a safe flight and an amazing time in Florida.

Thank you!

sha9 15 Aug 19 09:46 AM

Looking forward to reading! Have a great trip!

Vanillapod 15 Aug 19 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by orlandoamber (Post 14015511)
Excellent weather to fly away from today! Hope the flight went well. 😊

Not too bad in the end. We werenít massively delayed but immigration was long and boring.

Vanillapod 15 Aug 19 09:57 AM

Weíre here!

We took off just under an hour late but weíd still landed by about 3:15 so it wasnít too bad at all.
The flight was fine but without wanting to sound picky, there were hardly any movies I was interested in.
I read and watched Fred, Gordon and Ginoís road trip.
Drinks and pretzels came around quickly and there was a good variety. I had Prosecco,OH beer and DS a coke.

The food was fine. Iíve had far worse ready meals!
I only ate the pasta but the other 2 finished but the rest.

I had vegetarian pasta and they had chicken and chorizo casserole which they both ate so it really wasnít awful at all.

The usual stuff accompanied it but the salad had been replaced by a fairly horrible looking cold tomatoey potato salad. DS said Ďitís not the bestí but loved the salted chocolate pots and was delighted I didnít want mine!

Vanillapod 15 Aug 19 10:04 AM

OH cracked open the questionable treats DS bought back for us from South Africa last week when the next round of drinks arrived.
Iím not sure what he was trying to say? 😬😆

They were quite nice actually.

Next up were the mini magnums and shortly before landing the chicken Caesar sandwiches and banana cake.
The gannets ate those for me!

Iím the absence of a decent movie I managed to read practically an entire book and have a snooze.
I was awoken by DS whoíd decided we had a suspicious passenger onboard and was genuinely terrified. I had to basically tell him that once off the ground, unfortunately youíre powerless and also, just because someone looks like they need a shower, doesnít mean theyíre taking the plane down 🤦🏼
Grated he did look a little unusual but I spoke to said gentleman at the taxi rank (about something unrelated obvs 😆 ) and he was utterly charming!
If DS hadnít had the window seat I genuinely think he might have alerted a crew member 🙈
He never worries on a plane so it was a bit of a surprise tbh.

The captain announced that weíd most likely be landing in a storm and that it was 26 degrees 🤔
We didnít and it isnít!
The sun was shining, the sky was blue and itís really hot!

Immigration was really slow. None of the automatic machines were in operation at all, is that normal now? Everyone had to wait for a total of 4 officers.
Ours was very friendly but OH was watching the officer next to us who said nothing, just pointed and looked like he was loving life...
however, that meant we pretty much grabbed our bags from the carousel as we walked by without even stopping!
Not before being sniffed by a gorgeous Beagle 😍 We all wanted to stroke it but of course we didnít.
It was thoroughly enjoying working. Very waggy!
The handler asked if weíd come from France to which we said no.
Iím not sure if they were expecting drugs coming in from France or if it was because DS was in a stripy top?! We think the latter and found it funnier than it probably was!

Weíre not collecting our car until we leave Miami Beach. Last time we realised it was a complete waste of money on the rental AND parking charges!
We grabbed a taxi fairly quickly and had a nice chatty driver.
If anyone needs to know, it seems to be a set charge from the airport to Miami Beach of $46 plus tip

We arrived at the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside by about 5 ish which is actually really good going.
We have a lovely ocean front suite. Weíve stayed here before and itís a good choice we think. Itís not in the thick of it granted, but itís a bit less expensive than being right on south beach and itís quite new and well maintained.
Eden Roc would be our other choice but I couldnít get the room we had last time for anything like a reasonable price! The exchange really is making a big difference.

DS insisted on bringing jeans and long sleeved tops 🤦🏼
I didnít bother arguing, I figured heíd soon realise heís a fool 🤣🤣
He changed pretty quick!

Kat11 15 Aug 19 10:13 AM

Great start! Love the name of the snacks 🙈 following along.


Vanillapod 15 Aug 19 10:37 AM

We all showered and changed, watched a bit of the news and relaxed then grabbed a cab for our dinner reservation at 7:30.
We love Matador Room so it seemed a good choice for the 1st night 😊

I was a bit slack with pictures but theyíre coming up...

FYI, the taxi drivers here donít seem have Ďthe knowledgeí.
We noticed this last time. Itís not a huge area and they tend to have no idea where you want to go. Uber drivers seem to be much better!
Our yellow cab driver last night was not only clueless (DH had to give him a route) but his driving was bloody terrifying!

Iíve taken pictures of the menu but I donít know how zoomable theyíll be. Iíll give it a go

Fist up we were given pink fizz at check in as itís our anniversary tomorrow 🥰
Must have been logged from last time.

I then had a ginger mule type drink. I cannot remember what it was? It was incredibly strong! Even OH winced. Nice though.

His was a basil and jalapeŮo margarita.also very strong!

DS had the non alcoholic version of their signature pineapple cocktail with smoking rosemary.

We had their delicious pea guacamole whilst we decided on the rest!
Itís tapas style so we just shared everything and the dishes arrived as and when.

We had the calamari

Hearts of palm and heirloom tomato salad

Pollo con arroz

A sort of Patatas bravas type of thing

Glazed short rib tacos

And the crab and corn fritters

We had a couple of desserts to share but I didnít take pictures.
A sour cherry creme brŻlťe and a cherry and pistachio pavlova.
Both were nice but weíre not that fussed with desserts. We didnít need them at all! 🐷
Itís just so beautiful there.
Such a fantastic start to the holiday.
Service was faultless and the food was delicious.
Itís my number 1 restaurant recommendation in Miami Beach

I think we were back by about 9:30. OH popped to publix for water but they donít take ApplePay so heís just nipped out now.
Weíve both been sat on the balcony since about 4 watching the ships on the water and the sun rising

Thank so much for reading along!
I will do my best to keep going daily but I know last time I forgot 😬

aqualiv 15 Aug 19 11:00 AM

Haha fridge suprise! Love it, we had something similar before our holiday consisting of random stuff from the freezer
Sounds like a good trip youíve got planed- a nice mix

scouse_minx 15 Aug 19 12:11 PM

Great start!

Love the look of the patatas bravas and the tacos. The cocktails looked amazing and the restaurant fab.

So nice for your first meal :)

collybird 15 Aug 19 01:40 PM

Matador Room looks absolutely delicious, I would have no self control there and just order everything!

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