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GrumpyDopey&Me 30 Apr 12 01:19 PM

6/7 bed price rip off

We are looking for a 6/7 bed villa and cannot believe that these seem to all rough come in at 2000. Am I missing something. I would be cheaper to get separate villas.

Just having a moan at how expensive the villas are and if any one knows any that aren't stupid money please pm me

Thank you

Alyson 30 Apr 12 01:22 PM


It will depend on the time of year you are going, if it's in the school holidays then you will pay more.

However, don't be afraid to ask for a better price, often you will be offered a discount on the advertised price.

CMFewkesHarrie 30 Apr 12 01:27 PM

How long are your hoping to go for and at what time of year? Plus most villa owners are willing to negotiate a price. Personally I regard the first price quoted as a starting point to haggle!
We stayed in a 6 bed at Emerald Isle for 3 wheels last sept and paid approx 2400 and that included pool heating.

GrumpyDopey&Me 30 Apr 12 01:29 PM

The 11th - 25th Jan. So low season

ayles300 30 Apr 12 01:33 PM

Hi we are going in Sept for 2 weeks and have paid 1245 for a 6 bedroom which is including pool heat, we did haggle a little as we set a budget and then emailed a lot of villas and said what our budget was and we compromised on a price.

MrsBC 30 Apr 12 01:42 PM

There seem to be several Dibb villas that size between 500 - 800 pw.

GrumpyDopey&Me 30 Apr 12 01:56 PM

I have asked in the Villa section.

Susan Coleman 30 Apr 12 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by elmlea22 (Post 7328512)
The 11th - 25th Jan. So low season

You could be coming up against the US market which has the winter months often as high season...
The summer weather all over US is usually quite good...but they all freeze in the winter!
try on here on the Dibb where you may find brit owners low season prices more accommodating

Saxon 30 Apr 12 03:02 PM

i think that you are in High demand form the snowbirds!

These are mostly newyorkers etc renting for 3 months at leas to avoid the snow and bad weather up there

good luck

BnDamo 30 Apr 12 03:12 PM

Its worth noting that your dates are also for 2014. Its a guess then for owners what overheads are going to be 2 years away especially utilities which have sharply risen in the last 18 months. A 6 bed sleeps 14 so even at 1000 a week its 10 per person per night..hardly a rip off for what you get.IMHO.;)

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