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loves2plan 20 Oct 19 05:19 PM

COMPLETE OCT 2019 QSDP report: What do we want? FOOD! When do we want it? NOW!
Welcome to my second QSDP food report. This will be our forth time on the QSDP and we've also had the DDP twice, but as a family we've all decided that the flexibility of the QSDP works best for us. This year's trip was booked last April when free dining was released as a surprise for our daughter's 18th birthday. So we've kept it a secret for a year and a half and both she and her brother found out 2 weeks ago. Cue lots of squeals and tears of happiness :)

We're staying at Caribbean Beach for 2 weeks with the QSDP, but also have a night booked at Wilderness Lodge, a night at the Beach Club and a night at Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Despite what many think, there's a huge variety of food available on the QSDP, and I think it's got even better in recent years with a lot of the new QS places that have opened. I'm always on the hunt for healthier options as that's how I like to eat normally. I'm really not a burger or hot dog fan and have never eaten either at Disney, and can't actually remember the last time I ate either in my everyday life! DH and the kids do like them though, so I'm sure there will still be some featured :)

I'm going to attempt to do it live and write up each day as it happens. I did it last time and it seemed to work really well for me, so hopefully this time will be as successful🤞 I'm doing it all on my phone, including the photos, so please excuse auto corrects/typos.

So, we have:
14 nights of QSDP with 2 snacks per day and the plan is to use some of those at the Food an Wine Festival food booths.
2 TS meals planned which we will pay for oop: Both have been requested by DD and since it's her birthday trip, it would be mean to say no. So we're going to Teppan Edo and Outback steakhouse near the Vineland Premium Outlets.

Our party consists of:
Me - wedding decorator, (Disney) holiday planner and fan of free dining.
DH, Andy - fellow wedding decorator, lover of all things Lego and Marvel and the big kid of the family.
DD18, Izzy - funny girl, budding photographer and lover of all things Disney.
DS16, Brodie - a really sweet boy and budding baker, lover of all things Disney and YouTube fan.

As I type, we're in the car driving down to Gatwick airport. We're staying overnight at the Premier Inn North and will probably have dinner there tonight, but no firm decisions have been made yet.

Hope you enjoy reading along :)

caitlinsmummy 20 Oct 19 05:31 PM

Subscribed, I followed your last one, albeit not live so I'm really looking forward to this one as we're doing QSDP in May too. Can't wait to see how much the kid's have grown to :D xx

MariaLynda 20 Oct 19 05:39 PM

Oh how exciting! Have a good night before! And a safe trjp tomorrow! X

Goldia 20 Oct 19 05:48 PM

I hope you have a fab trip. Wow 18th birthday, what a special trip it will be. I'm looking forward to reading along.

Rescuer 20 Oct 19 06:05 PM

Have a fantastic trip. Looking forward to reading about all the delicious food.

dismamx2 20 Oct 19 06:26 PM

I'm in :grin: Have a great trip :)

DisneyF1rstT1me 20 Oct 19 07:45 PM

Happy holidays loves2plan. I'll enjoy reading this. Feel free to let us know how you find the refurbished CBR. Your many helpful replies to my questions earlier this year resulted in us deciding on CBR for our May 2020 trip, when I'd been leaning strongly towards POFQ so I hope it lives up to/exceeds your past stays there.

Mr Tom Morrow 20 Oct 19 08:26 PM

Firstly have a great holiday and hope Mum is recovering nicely.

We will be following along as well and will be very interested to see your photos and comments about the Quick Service options you select .

I do so agree about there being such a host of healthy flavoursome options available and not having to have burgers et al.

Take care.

dixonsontour 20 Oct 19 08:31 PM

Have a fantastic trip.

big nelly 20 Oct 19 08:43 PM

Have a fabulous holiday. Looking forward to reading your food report.

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