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kylali 3 Sep 19 02:38 PM

Discovery cove booked with expedia
Meant to be going to discovery cove tomorrow trying to change date due to the hurricane, got all confirmation from expedia and vouchers but when phoning discovery cove they are asking for reference number which starts with a G, there is nothing on vouchers starting with G and they can't find anything through the expedia itinery number or voucher number. Phoned expedia they said discovery cove should be able to find it through the voucher number. Feel like I am going round in circles and getting nowhere! Anyone else had same issue and got somewhere?

kylali 3 Sep 19 03:45 PM

Has anyone come across this issue before with expedia? I'm just at a loss as neither seem to be able to help.

bumfluff 3 Sep 19 10:14 PM

Won’t Expedia phone DC for you? They did it for me when I wanted to change a ticket detail (they said DC needed to authorise it) - got to be worth asking?

8gotoWDW 3 Sep 19 10:29 PM

We phoned yesterday and rearranged

Our booking was through Florida tix. I had my printed out email with the confirmation number beginning with a G but my friend only had her booking number, they found her booking through her email.
Took each of us about an hour on the phone though.

DC originally said I needed to phone Florida tix in Birmingham which was shut by the time I called monday. Tuesday they said it was definately DC to ring.

Good luck x

kylali 4 Sep 19 12:35 AM

Yeah I had the same trouble with no G number. Ended up phoning expedia 3 times about 45 mins per time, in the end they phoned discovery cove who said who chsnge date but needed to call me back. They didn't so I phoned DC again who said was still being processed and would receive a cb. Still haven't so not sure if it's been changed or whether I'm meant to be going tomorrow. Been so frustrating.

kylali 4 Sep 19 12:36 AM

To you who have changed dates do the original vouchers still work for entry to seaworld or would I need new ones if they 've changed dc date.

nadya 4 Sep 19 12:38 AM

Supposed to be doing discovery cove tomorrow, website says opens at 9am but to watch for updates,somehow think it will be closed due to safety concerns fair enough.hopefully can rearrange for friday/Saturday if all ok.

8gotoWDW 4 Sep 19 01:03 AM


Originally Posted by kylali (Post 14053369)
To you who have changed dates do the original vouchers still work for entry to seaworld or would I need new ones if they 've changed dc date.

Sorry not sure. We went to SeaWorld first this time, went on Sunday so have activated our tickets already.
I hope our date change has worked! Think there will be a few people switched from today/tomorrow.

Think your voucher should work as long as not more than 14 days between your dates?

kylali 4 Sep 19 02:10 AM

I think I may go to DC for opening at 9am tomorrow and check then go to seaworld.

mattyped 4 Sep 19 10:51 AM

Why would you use expedia when there are so many dedicated attraction ticket agents and dc itself? This is the exact reason why you should have.

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