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cartoonp 15 Sep 19 03:11 AM

Vegas good but bad
So we in Vegas until Tuesday then we on our way back to the uk over all it been really good but a few slightly sour notes :confused2

1. I miss placed my debit card I was going to pay a few bills but that will wait until I get back to the UK The money will still be in there as I cancelled the card

2. I just discovered I miss laid my driving license :confused2 so another 20.00 pound I need to find when we back but never mind at lest there was no money in it just mono rail card which run out tommow and Duce bus bus pass which run out the same time but never mind not the end of the world and will not spoil the holiday.

Juliemack 15 Sep 19 08:28 AM

What a pain! ...still, nothing that can't be sorted easily... enjoy the rest of your holiday :wavey:

disney332 15 Sep 19 08:36 AM

Sorry to hear this, but easily repaired

Enjoy the remainder of your stay


Mr Tom Morrow 15 Sep 19 08:39 AM

Kevin. Not great news but as above it can be sorted when you are back.
Best of luck and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Disney_time 15 Sep 19 09:38 AM

Gosh, hope you weren't pick pocketed. Keep your eyes and ears about you. Have you won anything? Hows the food?

cartoonp 15 Sep 19 02:21 PM

Thanks all Disney_time no I know this for a fact as no money was in my pocket

Thanks again all

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