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SMAX 10 Sep 12 03:44 PM

ADR Calculator & Planner
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This new tool will enable you to plan your Disney ADR's in advance and even get notified on the day you can make your ADR. You can import the details into your mobile device and even get a reminder 1 hour before your booking on the day.

It has been designed to be quick and easy to use. Firstly select your holiday dates and then hover over the day. Click the + Icon and enter the details.

To make it even easier you can start typing and it will suggest a restaurant for you.

Can't think of that restaurant in Epcot. Simply type Epcot and it will display all the bookable ones for you. It will even tell you the opening times and DDP points required.

Can't spell the name of the restaurant in Norway that has the character breakfast? Just type Norway and click the box.

You can click the Printer icon to print off a sheet with the reservation details on. Handy if you have added in all your ADR reservation numbers too.

You can come back and edit at any time. Once you have booked your ADR's then edit and add the numbers to take with you.

Better still add it to your iPhone or iPad calendar to get reminders. Instructions to do this can be found by clicking the Calendar icon at the top of the notepad.

You can find the link as always on the DIBB Menu on the Right (Or left) column.

There are many other tools on there for you to explore.

Guest 10 Sep 12 03:56 PM

Lovely! :D Someone has been busy in the boiler room!

wakeuplaura 10 Sep 12 04:42 PM

Really impressed with this. Good for you xxx

welovemushu 10 Sep 12 04:48 PM

This is fantastic, thank you!

mlu1301 10 Sep 12 05:17 PM

Ooh loving the look of this away to have a go :)

BarryandCaron 10 Sep 12 05:31 PM

Just in time for me to try it out next month :spin:

I've just had a little play and it's brilliant, very impressed.

Thanks for all the hard work gone into doing this :thumbs-up


randc 10 Sep 12 06:18 PM

Excellent. Well done Dibb team. Off to have a play!

zokaluse 10 Sep 12 06:39 PM

Brillaint - well done & thanks all!


Captain_Nemo 10 Sep 12 07:21 PM

Brilliant Idea Well done... Pity its to late for me this time :grumpy: :grumpy:

jane2211 10 Sep 12 07:35 PM

whhooo brillant :wavey:

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