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Stitchfan626 10 May 19 01:34 PM

Where to eat on my Birthday

I'm off to DLP in about a months time (yay!) and we arrive Saturday evening.

It's my birthday and I can't decide what to do about dinner.

My thoughts are:
Rainforest Café or Planet Hollywood. But I'm concerned about having to wait for ages with a tired 6 year old. How crazily busy does it get on a Saturday night?

Inventions - but I'm worried about booking this and then being delayed on route. I also had a bad experience there last time.

Plaza Gardens or an alternative in the park

I have changed my mind so many times! Can anyone offer any help or a suggestion. It is just me a my 6 year old (who is a fussy eater unfortunately).

Elodie 10 May 19 07:38 PM

You could always book Inventions, then go to Plan B and Rainforest Cafe / Planet Hollywood if you’re delayed. You could stand to be a bit late and still get your table at Inventions anyway. The line is so long that they’d never know if someone was past their deadline when they turned up for their reservation.

We had that once - got stuck on Parachute Drop when it broke down and were sat there, legs dangling and watching the time tick past our reservation time, knowing we still had to make our way out of Studios and into DLH, and had no chance of getting there within half an hour of our time. In the end, we got there, joined the queue, and I even had time to run back to the room with DDs to change into dress-ups while DH kept our place!

Elodie 10 May 19 07:41 PM

Also, I had my birthday lunch in Restaurant des Stars on our first trip (purely because we planned to be in Studios that morning.) Obviously, it’s not the best themed restaurant, but the food was so yummy (especially the desserts) that DD actually requested eating there for her own birthday on our third trip. I don’t think I’d recommend RDS for a birthday meal, but Plaza Gardens would be lovely, especially with a fussy eater.

Adcro 11 May 19 08:26 PM

I've never had good service at that Planet Hollywood, and the Rainforest Cafe can be hit or miss. I'd rather go somewhere that's in Disney itself. If you still fancy the buffet idea, perhaps try one of the others like Cafe Agrabah.

If you want somewhere that's more 'wow' I'd say Jack's because of the setting, or Walt's because of the quality and venue.

Or just go to Annettes... win ;)

Gill H 11 May 19 11:14 PM

Could you just grab something that evening, and have your birthday meal next day when you aren’t tired and rushed?

Peter H 12 May 19 07:15 AM

I would second Gill. Have your birthday the next day. Went one year for the Welsh festival and the day was my birthday. I had it the day before. Get your badge from city hall. They can do a birthday message from Mickey

Mrs Red C 12 May 19 12:15 PM

My friends and I really enjoyed eating at Hunters Grill, Sequoia Lodge Hotel which we'd booked for our 1st night.
Our 2nd night was at Annettes in Disney Village. We didn't book this and waited about 15 mins for a table, again the food was lovely and we liked the theming.

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