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HEMANCLOFTY 1 Jul 19 09:36 AM

An Adults Only (Port)Adventure - July 19 (COMPLETE)
An Adults Only (Port)Adventure - July 19

Hello Again Dibb Friends :wavey::wavey::wavey:

Welcome to the Index for my latest Trippie. As you may have guessed from the title, this one's going to be a bit different, as we have a reduced cast for this particular (Port)Adventure.

Me, Ems (38) & Rich (37-again):

Tom (14) is currently on a week-long school trip to Calella - we waved him off on Saturday afternoon... we decided we'd make the most of it by having a cheeky mini break of our own :tongue:.

This will be our 3rd visit to Salou and Port Aventura, we love the resort and the theme park is one of our favourites.

We fly tonight and come back on Friday morning, which means that we get 3 days of coaster time - we are both most looking forward to getting on the beautiful B&M Shambhala...

Tom won't be missing out, as he'll be there on Tuesday. I'm sure we'll bump into him at some point during the day :grin:.

I'll post a bit more info about our plans in the next post below (as a sort of mini pre-trippie), and will be back to update on our days once we are home.

Travel Day - Mon 1st July

Day 1 - Tues 2nd July

Day 2 - Weds 3rd July

Day 3 - Thurs 4th July

Travel Home Day - Fri 5th July (Plus a Summary & our Future Plans)

Thanks for joining us on this adventure - I hope you enjoy :grin:.

HEMANCLOFTY 1 Jul 19 09:38 AM

(Post-Trip) Pre-Trippie / Info

Just a bit of info about our trip...

So, as I said in the index (above) - this is our first ever time away without Tom, and given that he was going to be in Spain, it made sense that we'd be heading in that direction too :grin:.

As it was just the two of us, Rich did look into us staying at one of the Resort Hotels, but one of the things we love about Dorada Palace is it's location (20 mins to the Parks and 10 minutes to the beach-front), so we decided to return for a 3rd time.

We booked a package deal through, 4 nights half-board and Ryan Air flights for 724.45

In terms of extras, we paid...

Park Tickets:
65 each for 3-day 2-park PortAventura / Ferrari Land with Attraction Tickets Direct

Travel Insurance:
7.09 for a single-trip with Admiral premium

Car Parking:
51.98 for EMA Long Stay 1 through Holiday Extras

Ryan Air Seat Selection:
7 each for the outbound flight and 7 each for the return

ETA: Not really in preparation for the holiday (more of a lifestyle goal), but I've also managed to loose 1.5 stone since February. No particular diet, just monitoring my calorie intake using MyFitnessPal and doing lots of walking - so there's a bit less of me in the pics than previous trippies.

Rich has also been getting fitter, but has been doing it for much longer and walks at least 3 times more than me 👍

wombat girl 1 Jul 19 11:37 AM

I have just realized we will be there around the same time.

I will have a dibb t shirt on so say hello if you see me.

Flying today :wavey:

HEMANCLOFTY 4 Aug 19 12:17 PM

Travel Day is up :)

HEMANCLOFTY 4 Aug 19 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by wombat girl (Post 13930925)
I have just realized we will be there around the same time.

I will have a dibb t shirt on so say hello if you see me.

Flying today :wavey:

Sorry I haven't been around much since our trip - did you have a good time?

wombat girl 4 Aug 19 04:17 PM

Yes we did and had nice hot weather and the crowds were not too bad.

HEMANCLOFTY 4 Aug 19 06:59 PM

Day 1 is up :)

HEMANCLOFTY 10 Aug 19 04:19 PM

Day 2 is up :)

HEMANCLOFTY 11 Aug 19 05:44 PM

Day 3 is up :)

HEMANCLOFTY 11 Aug 19 10:26 PM

Travel Home Day is up (including a Summary and our Future Plans) :)

Thanks for reading along :)

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