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ashilda 15 Aug 19 02:03 AM

4 people, 2 weeks, 1 room! Offsite trip report, Tuesday 13th universal studios
After all the messing about Monday the plan was to get up early and go to perkins for breakfast, but... we slept in and had a quick breakfast of apple fritters, cookies the hotel gave us and coffee. We never stick to our plans!

We took our time getting ready and went off to universal, before going in the park we filled up at bread box.
I had hot Turkey with tater tots

Cecil had buffalo chicken with slaw

Dd had cheese melt with tater tots and ds has beef melt with fries

We all really enjoyed these. They give you a little tracker so no matter where you sit they will find you when your order is ready. We sat on the swing benches indoors but it made me feel motion sick so we moved tables, the tracker was useful for this!

At universal we reactivated the cup which was easy to do and kids had a slurpee day, I actually quite liked the lemon one. We shared a lard lad doughnut too, I thought this would be dry as it's so big but it was really tasty. This is dd pretending it's all hers!

Still yet to buy any voodoo doughnuts though!
After a few 4d rides I was starting to feel a bit icky so we left about 5pm to relax for an hour at the hotel before dinner. Cecil loved the duff beer section, we're going to Moe's next time!

For dinner we went to wildside bbq & grill and more than made up for any missed meals!
I had a rum jar cruzan confusion and Cecil had a fat tire beer. Ds had lemonade and dd had peach tea which she didn't like so had a water. The tea was like fruity lemonade and sweet, I liked it.

The decor was very wild America with stag heads and guns.

I had brisket and pulled pork with loaded jacket and mac n cheese
it was all amazing but so huge!
Dd had chicken tenders with waffle and fries
she ate most of this.
Ds had steak and ribs. He loved it, especially the ribs!

Where to start with Cecil...? He had the biggest thing on the menu and it had everything on it! It was so huge it was served on a big metal dinner tray rather than a plate! He declared it meal of the holiday so far and also said the flavour on the ribs was amazing.

It's over the road from our hotel so we walked there but we walked back real slow, if you decide to try it then go hungry! Most tables took food boxes back with them. The bill was $132 before tip.

Feel like we finally had a successful day of eating!

darbs 18 Aug 19 10:14 PM

Wow! That looks like a great meal!

TC Devon 18 Aug 19 10:17 PM

Yum that evening bbq meal looks lush- where is it?

ashilda 20 Aug 19 02:09 AM


Originally Posted by TC Devon (Post 14023527)
Yum that evening bbq meal looks lush- where is it?

It's on the 192 opposite the gift shop with a huge wizard lol, it's really good in there and they sell some funny tshirts too x

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