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pretty71 11 Aug 19 05:32 PM

The Pooles... Head Back To Orlando 2019 Travel Day

Well a pretty good night was had by all, I was woken a few times by noise but certainly nothing major and it did not stop me going back to sleep.

Grace was awake at about 6.10 which I was pretty pleased about, she watched the ipad until about 7 and I dozed until then. It was really nice not to have to get up and be in a rush to get a flight I must admit.

I did yesterday's report and Mick got up at 8 and made me a black coffee. We then pottered about, and Grace had another bath and we went down to breakfast at just after 9.

This was good and we were seated by a really nice lady straight away. I went and made the drinks, if you have read my other reports you will know my husband has a phobia of these machines. 😂😂

We ordered 4 poached eggs between us and Mick went to get Grace a sausage and some beans and then went on the toast run. This was problematic as the machine had just caught fire 😁
We waited though and got 2 slices out of it, burning down of the restaurant avoided. I had some bacon and a few mushrooms with my eggs and I was done. Mick had the same and also some yoghurt and fruit too.
Grace had a hash brown too, she ate well and I was happy as she usually goes in to shut down and doesn't eat a thing so I can't complain.

We had a couple more drinks and then went back to the room after about an hour.

I had sorted most things out for the cases so we were twiddling our thumbs a little, so we rung the parking people to ask if we could arrive sooner. This was OK so we got in the car to go.

Currently on the plane waiting to go so I will leave it here and finish tomorrow.

So we got everything together and checked out and got everything in the car. We made our way to the parking only a couple of miles away and had a little trouble finding it as I didn't realise it was in an actual golf club. We videoed and photographed the car and left our keys. We then took our life in our own hands with a crazy driver on the short journey to terminal 3, blimey he was not a fan of stopping at traffic lights.
We made it in one piece thankfully and we had arrived!

We were really early but we thought we would see if we could drop our bags as this would be great. We found someone to ask and he said it was good so we joined the queue.

In the queue, which was fairly long we had the conversation about the point of online check in. You still have to queue to drop your bags so what really is the point? I agree, but it did ensure we had seats together as I had not pre booked and this is fairly important I suppose.

We eventually got to the front, and checked in our 2 bags at 17 and 19kg (very happy about this as most of it will be left behind at the end and we had a case in a case) then it was up to security. We did a toilet stop first and then through security. This did not take long and we were soon through.

We skipped through duty free as I was gasping and Grace was hungry so we did a once round and got Grace a cheese sandwich from Boots and some hand gel (not to eat!) and sat down.

Mick went over to cafe Nero and got 2 black coffee's, now usually I drink decaf but lately I haven't been drinking much coffee at all so the odd one has been OK with full caffeine. Wow this must have been strong as I did not feel too good after so we chilled out for a while people watching. It was very busy in the terminal at the time too so this was not a bad thing.

We did another toilet run and refilled the water bottle and decided to get a glass of bubbly in The Curator. It was at this time I realised it was the caffeine in the coffee that caused the problem and I mentioned it to Mick and even he said he noticed and he normally drinks buckets of the strong stuff!

We found a table in the pub and got the bubbly and an apple juice for Grace £17 later 😮 we spend a nice time chatting and people watching until we decided it was time to hit the duty free.

We looked at all the really expensive chocolate first, then we went to spray every perfume in sight. Ha ha.
We didn't buy any but Mick had found Mont Blanc Explorer which was new and its really nice so I will investigate this further. He has had a few from them and they are all really good.

We didn't have long left until we were going to be called so found another place to sit and at 15.40 were called to gate 40.

We made our way to gate 40 which was miles and miles but yo be fair I don't mind this when I know I am going to be sitting down for about 10 hours!
We were one of the first there and got a seat and waited.
We waited a little while and it was soon apparent that there was going yo be a delay because it said so on the app, but well the arrival time just got later and later and then they came on the, tannoy to say so. I am still not really sure of the reason to be honest. We were eventually called to board and then we got on the Captain then said it would be another 55 minutes before we could be on our way due to the Heathrow congestion. This was not the only news... The air conditioning was not going to work in the plane until the engines started so the wait was going to get more and more uncomfortable. To be fair the passengers and staff were all really good and in the end we got moving sooner than we thought. In the end we were and hour and 40 minutes late but hey ho we were flying Direct this year so I really really didn't mind.

the drinks were soon served and we had red wine and Grace had a water I think she was watching about 5 minutes of each film she fancied, mainly because she couldn't choose and because she could.. Ha ha.

I started A Star is Born as I really wanted to see it and thought I would start it as soon as, I absolutely loved it I thought it was really good and was not too intense so perfect for a plane journey.

Dinner was round after the drinks and it was chicken and chorizo stew with new potatoes or vegetable pasta. We all had the chicken, Grace was by now asleep after having some pringles so she didn't eat another thing on the plane. I actually enjoyed the stew. The roll was very dry and I didn't eat the little salad which I think was potato and tomato type salad. The pud was a salted chocolate pot which I had a spoonful of and then Mick the chocoholic finished up. He ate everything of Grace's too lol

The next 7 hours were uneventful, long and boring, I didn't try to watch anything else but I did try to sleep a little as they had dimmed the lights but this was useless really with a 9 year old legs getting heavier and heavier on top of you. Mick watched about 6 episodes of Peaky Blinders he had downloaded and he said he had the best flight ever!... Easily pleased :)

We landed at 10. 05 so only just over an hour late in the end to an empty Miami airport. We went straight to a machine to enter and as we had tea and coffee etc were directed to an officer with about 8 people in front of us. We were through really quickly so much so that we had about a 10 minute wait for our bags. We were in and made our way to the car hire centre. We were preferred and found our name on the board :)

We went over to the car, what a great big thing it was... I will put a picture up later but I was expecting a saloon and it's a 4 x 4 thing so happy days (sorry I don't get much more technical than that)

We videoed it and made ourselves comfortable and drove to the booth where we mentioned a couple of things and we're through. I was using Google maps that I had downloaded and after a few teething problems and I have to admit an unfortunate red light running episode later we had made the 15 minute journey to the Hilton at Blue Lagoon. It was midnight so I was pretty pleased by this and my was I glad to see it. We got checked in and were soon on the 8th floor looking out over the runway and 2 lovely beds with crisp white sheets.
Tomorrow we are off to the beach... Thanks for reading along and see you later :)

app 12 Aug 19 12:10 PM

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mick 13 Aug 19 12:48 PM

Good travel day:spin:

Joan :wave:

JoJo88 14 Aug 19 10:23 PM

If only travel days were as quick as it takes us to read them ;). Funnily enough, when we boarded our recent Virgin flight the air-con wasnít working. Urgh, it was unbearable! Looking forward to your next day (which Iíll go and read now! )

pretty71 15 Aug 19 03:06 AM


Originally Posted by mick (Post 14012655)
Good travel day:spin:

Joan :wave:

Thanks Joan :)

pretty71 15 Aug 19 03:08 AM


Originally Posted by JoJo88 (Post 14015851)
If only travel days were as quick as it takes us to read them ;). Funnily enough, when we boarded our recent Virgin flight the air-con wasnít working. Urgh, it was unbearable! Looking forward to your next day (which Iíll go and read now! )

this is so true.. If only they were. Its like being in a sauna but there is no door! We were luckily is wasn't for too long! Thanks for reading along :)

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