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holls 22 Sep 19 09:49 PM

AVIS Preferred
I have linked my booking to my Avis account and have a few questions

Do I just go the garage at MCO and my name will be on the board with which car I have been allocated ? I was with Avis last year and they checked my credit card then

I am a BA executive club member which gives my wife as a free driver, do they need to check her licence and if so how will they do this at the garage or do I have to go to the hire desk?

And finally what garage would I go too A or B or will my name be on both garage boards ?, I am flying with BA with my last flight from Miami


tinkerella123 23 Sep 19 12:05 AM

Yes you can go straight to garage, your name may or not be on the board but that doesn’t matter. No need to show Licence for your wife, (obviously will need it if driving) you can go to A or B side.

metalguru 23 Sep 19 05:32 AM

First time with Avis this year after many years of Alamo. Joined Avis Preferred and my name was on the board but no bay number and letter. Went to the booth and showed my credit card and license. Was given my bay and car which I changed immediately as I don't like German cars always want a US car. Didn't take notice of A or B but I presume next year if I have Avis my name and the bay number and letter will be on the board. What was amazing was the wife went to sit on a bench near the board as I was going to the booth when a wagon pulled up and advised that they needed to take the bench because of the hurricane. They then took all the benches in the vicinity.

grant_w 23 Sep 19 10:02 AM

Our name was on the board, but as it was our first trip with Avis, all it said was to go to the booth.

thatdavieguy 23 Sep 19 12:27 PM

On your first preferred booking you'll need to go to the booth for validation of your preferred account, if you've done that then you're name should be up with a space.

With Avis your wife is able to drive the car without being named on the hire, it's an Avis USA inclusion for spouse or life you can just show yours if you want.

You can go to either side, it makes no difference.

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