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Watergirl 1 Apr 11 12:59 PM

Hello ladies!

Nat - poor Buttons :( They are too expensive aren't they?! For the simplest of things. I really wanted to be a vet, but dropped chemistry. Think I'm too old to retrain now!
I got those scoops a little while ago and also got loads of jars and bowls from charity shops that are lovely. We're possibly not bothering now though, as doing so much other food. Plus having Haribo on the table, although still love the idea. I'm at the point now with wedding stuff of thinking - we're spending a fortune on food drink and entertainment for everyone I haven't the energy for anything else!

Kim - poor you with TOTM. I don't get any pains at all, don't ovulate or anything. When I was 14 I'd get period pains during the period and the ovulation pains when I was ovulating. It was all horrible. Food sounds nice and tasty!

Rach - hope Lucy's okay.

Kel - sounds like you've had a rough few days. Bless your baby for lying with you against your tummy. Daisy sounds like Freyja. I call her my little angel lol. I hate feeling poorly, it's not nice is it. Thankfully you must have a strong immune system! Don't think you've failed your challenge, as you didn't choose to not exercise, but it's dangerous to push your self working out if you're not well. So I wouldn't count that. Just like with this diet it's recommend that you increase calorie intake if you are ill, as it's not enough food to get you better otherwise. I absolutely love eggs with soldiers. Always used to have that. Mmm. tasty. OMG not long for you now! Sounds crazy saying next month, doesn't it. I have my hen next month! Hadn't thought of that. Although I'd rather be in Disney that on a hen do. My movements have improved a lot with the husks that I'm having after taking that laxative to clear me out!

Anyway, at home now. Went to Optometrist this morning to get eye test and also because keep feeling something in my eye and being in so much pain. I have several cuts on my left cornea, which explains that, but she could not see why. Nothing stuck in it, no eyelashes growing inwards. We think it might be that my mascara is hard to get off and I have to tug it a bit, or maybe it got under the eyelid. Have to bath it and put drops in for 4 days then go back. If no better have to see a specialist.

Then went to doctor to get test done and also talk about pain during s*x. Did test, not pregnant, yay! Then doctor had no time and couldn't get into the nurses treatment room as she was with patients (she told me she would be free!) to do the gynae exam. So have to go back Monday. So annoyed with them, how rubbish is that. It's an hour away from me, so that's not cheap petrol wise and I'd built myself up to going. Not happy with them.

Still, at least I know I am defo not pregnant. Nurse said it can take months for periods to restart. I kind of want one now though to know what it's going to be like. Also so I can get a regular cycle going and know if it will happen on wedding day or honeymoon.

Sat at home now, day off. Need to do washing and tidying, but will probably just wash bedding then we can tidy together at the weekend. Speak soon xxx

Watergirl 1 Apr 11 01:00 PM

Duh everytime I log on on a Friday I forget to say my loss, despite it being weigh in day. Think it's because so much has happened since I weighed, but I've lost 2 lbs! Relatively pleased with that. Still wish a bit more was going, but for the first time today I really noticed how much my shape has changed. It's smoothing out a lot and I am feeling much thinner.

alkel2730 1 Apr 11 01:31 PM

Hi Liz,

Well done on your 2lbs loss. Its great news that you are feeling thinner and are smoothing out - you definatley deserve to feel like that! know you wish it was more but your body shape and inches are so important, like you've said to me many times, people can weigh more than they look and you can be surprised but its the shape that matters. Have you done your inches too?
Congratulations on not being pregnant! Its not often you get to say that is it? :d: You must be very relieved as I know its very easy to rationalise how the slim the chances are of it actually happening but then I often find my mind runs away with me, especially at night, and all of a sudden all rational goes out of the window. lol. Are you coming off the pill then? (you said about wanting to get your regular cycle). It must be weird for you having not had one for years. As you know I've been au naturel for years so not to have them seems unusual to me. Hope Monday goes ok with your other issue. x

Oooo your eye sounds very painful. I once got glass shards in mine (a cloud of dust blew in my eyes from the pavement and there was very fine glass shard in it) and it resulted in little cuts as the glass kind of embedded itself under my lid and I rubbed and rubbed and made it worse. They were every very tiny so didn't do any permenant damage but buy it hurt and it cut my eye. I ended up having to go to hospital where they put dye in my eye so they could identify the damage and where the glass was and wash it out. Not nice though so I empathise a lot. Hopefully once you've bathed them for a while you'll be able to soothe them and they will feel better. It might even be that you did have something in it and you rubbed them or poked them and scratched your eye, although the thing that was in has gone it might be that you damaged them and so it feel like its still in there? IYKWIM. I get that sometimes.
I'm quite good with my eyes in terms of touching them to get stuff out but I have to be careful now as I've had laser eye surgery so I have to be careful not to scratch them as, although rare, you can knock the 'flap' open.

I always wanted to be a vet too! But I was totally put off by the idea of putting them down. My dad always used to say though that when it got to that stage I would actually be helping and making it better for the animal, but I still couldn't do it. I then wish I'd done marine biology or zooology with the idea of working at protecting endangered species but I never did anything about it and then it was too late. I probably wouldn't have been clever enough anyway. :(

Hen do next month is rather exciting and then in two months you'll be a Mrs! Very exciting. :D

Just had lunch, decided to have two slices of multi grain toast and half a can of beans, was very yummy. Deffo plain tuna salad later. ;)
Think I might stop working at 3, have a nap and then have tea then going to attempt a marathon - should make up for the last couple of days - I'm presuming that my challenge could be cumulative? I.e. 7 hours a week if I don't manage 1 hour a day? lol. I'm a sucker for a challenge. :D

Anyone done or seen any April fools? I haven't as I've been at home but did see the Groupon wedding invite, the Virgin atlantic stopping flights and the tax discs and rsi. :d:

NatsyNoo 1 Apr 11 02:01 PM

Hi all
Kel, sorry to hear you've been poorly. Don't worry about food/exercise, that'll come and you've done so well and don't have far to go! Just concentrate on getting yourself better! NEXT MONTH? ! I thought of you this morning actually, that is soooooo exciting! I go on 1st September 2012 so can I say next month in July? That is when the wedding is so hope so! I was excited enough about 'next year!' It'll fly by, honest!

Liz, poor eye! Hope it gets better! Well done on your loss, 2lb is fab especially as you have occasionally had 'real food' this week.

I know my Buttons was costly, I've decided to just get the next 2 dosages from Amazon as it's only 20 instead of 90 and I've decided, although it's not necessarily advised, I am going to treat it preventatively in future too as you only need 1 spot-on every 6 months so would cost 3 per treatment but would save lots of dosh like I've been spending this week! Oh well, he's worth it although he's not happy with me for taking him to the vets, rubbing medicine on him, bleaching his cage, and putting him on a diet. He has to lost 1kg apparently, he weighs 4.5kg so that's a lot!

Liz, I can only imagine how you feel now with wedding costs, haribo on the tables sounds fun, see that's why we're having a table! It's nice to be able to pick up bits and bobs.

Kel, dad called on Tuesday to see how we got on on Monday so I think he's coming round, hopefully it won't be long now! I'm seeing him tomorrow so maybe he'll mention something.

Rach, I saw your bunny, love lionheads! Cute! Does he live inside? He'll make a wonderful addition I'm sure

As for me I was a bit happier today when I checked the scales, I just want to make sure that things are slipping back into place now I'm being good again and I'm back at the stage now that it's second nature which is good. I lost over 2lb so far this week so I've got to keep it up. Got mother's day on Sunday but Matt's cooking our roast for the family so I have control over what's cooked and how. Going to not have roast pots as they really raise points but I'll have meat, veg, yorkies and gravy. Yum. And I'll skip dessert and have something else instead, maybe a WW crumble/cheesecake or creme caramel. Got a busy old weekend but I'm looking forward to a break from work.

Got lots of short weeks coming up though - finish Thurs next week as I have study leave Fri; study leave Mon and exam Tues mean a short week after that, the next week is Good Friday, then easter Monday/Royal Wedding, then Mayday...golly! Then only 1 month til we go on our UK holibobs! Can't wait! Thinking we might do Thorpe Park in September so with Alton Towers in June we get a full theme park fix! I'd also like to squeeze in a trip to Cardiff somewhere this year. We're going to Bicester Village in June on the way to Alton Towers too, uh oh...:blush:

Right, best be DDP bookable from today so investigating prices!

Watergirl 1 Apr 11 02:14 PM

Hey you two!

Kel - thanks :) It's nice to not be pregnant! Have to admit it would ruin things, as want a drink at the wedding and nothing will stop me going on rides on honeymoon. Ooh, that sounds so painful with your eye. I had the dye in today. The optometrist said she'd been wanting to use it for ages, but rarely has to lol. I had no idea you'd have laser eye surgery done! How was it? Have you had any problems with it? My eyes so barely need glasses that it wouldn't be any point for me. I only wear them for driving at night. How long ago did you have it? You might have mentioned it actually when we were talking about plastic surgery! We cover everything on here don't we?!
I was less bothered about putting the pets to sleep (for the reason you say - helps them if they are suffering) and more bothered about telling the owners because I would have cried. I cannot even read stories on here when people talking about losing their babies, as it upsets me too much. I had a lovely vet last time I had to have one of my babies PTS, Kuma. He was so nice and he did actually cry when he saw me saying goodbye to her. Am welling up now! She was a rescue who had been given up at the age of 6 when he owner got pregnant. She was completely fine and then I came down one day and Trinity was going over to her a lot, which was strange as Kuma was not social with the others. She was quite lifeless and it turned out to be kidney failure and I had to let her go really quickly :( so I would be terrible at telling people! Not little elegant tears, but full on sobs probably worse than the owners!
Aww it's nice that we want to work with animals :) if we win the lottery we'll have to set up a cats home together or something.
Not seen of heard any April's fools this morning. Is it 12 it's supposed to stop or the person doing the fool is the fool?

Nat - good idea with the preventative treatment. Vets are so expensive and you can find things cheaper online. I got a feliway plug in from the vet the other day, but they're a lot cheaper online, so will do that in future. You have a lot planned! We got engaged at Thorpe Park :)

alkel2730 1 Apr 11 03:28 PM

We should definatley do that if we won the lottery, that would be very cool. Lol. I always said I'd do something like that as they don't have a voice do they so I feel the need to protect them.
I can't read sad animal threads or even watch those horrid ads on tv for animal abuse it's too much for me. It took me a long long time to get over my childhood cat being put down and my parents were never the same again so I totally understand your story about Kuma. It's awful and I try not to think about it just try and keep my bubbas well fed and well looked after and happy. I've had my babies since they were tiny and I look at them and think 'argh where are the years going?!' My oldest Bentley and Poppy are 5 this year and honestly I have no idea how that happened!
Yup I had laser eye surgery. I used to wear glasses for driving or watching tv and then they deteriorated and I had to wear them all the time. I moved over to contacts which were ok but I found them so expensive and fiddly so we looked into laser eye. Alex wore glasses too but only for driving and tv not all the time but we both decided to get it done. It's 3 years this Aug. Alexs was a hell of a lot cheaper than mine as he was only a -1.25 but I was a -3 so mine was dearer. It's one if those things I've done in life, alongside get married, buy my house and get my babies that has to be one of the best things I've ever done. It wasn't a nice procedure but didn't hurt and was over quick. It then hurt for about 2 days and after that the results were just amazing. To start with I had beyond 20/20 vision (could see the whole eye chart crystal clear) but the knock on effect of that is that short sight is crap but then your eyes adjust to balance short and long sight and now I have 20/20 vision. I recommend it to anyone who wears glasses or contacts it truly is amazing and I've had no problems since. This will be the first time I'm going to DC without glasses so I'm so excited. :-)
Feliway is way cheaper on line, I think the cheapest is on or something along those lines. I buy it every now and then online, I bought some last to take them to the cattery so I've got the spray and the diffuser but to be honest I don't really think it makes a huge difference do you? I don't have any toilet problems with mine ever, none of them have ever peed or pooed in their carrycase or anywhere but the litter try but Daisy does get picked on by the others and I tried Feliway for that but it diesnt seem to make any odds, bless her she does get bothered a lot she's just different to the others - won't eat wet food, likes her humans more than other animals, is very protective over her stuff and o think she just stands out. I just cuddle her and tell her to ignore them and to remember she was the most expensive out of them all so she's 'special' lol and she has a 'special paw' to prove it (all White paws with baby pink pads, aside from one which is grey and Ginger fur!). Lol.

Good news about your dad asking more questions Nat and good news about the weight loss, all going well. Would be great if you could get the treatment cheaper on line would help a lot. You got loads going on to keep you occupied this summer, loads to look forward to which is always super helpful and gives you some great goals for weight loss.
Did you hear about the crystal meth factory in Springbourne?! Cripes! Our best man has just moved to Springbourne and I think the house was quite near he said, half wish we were still streetlighting down there that was on our route - would have had a nosey at the police tape on they way past. Lol.

Watergirl 1 Apr 11 03:42 PM

I'm exactly the same about ads on telly. Just had junk mail sent through from RSPCA, but that annoys me! I don't want to read stuff like that and they shove it in your face. If I donate I do it because I love animals and I don't want to read bad stuff. All my friends and family know not to ever tell me stories about cruelty. If I accidently read stuff or it's on the news it literally stays with me for days. My Mum is the same.

Daisy definitely sounds like Freyja. They pick on her a bit. She is the one I got feliway for because the vet said she might be stressed and that's why she is licking. I'd already looked online everywhere and thought it was just pica, which pregnant women can get too! Eating strange things. We don't think she is stressed. They did all seem a bit more chilled out the day that we got it though. Prefer to see them with catnip - that is hilarious. They act stoned!
Freyja is very much a mummy girl and always sits in the front room with me. Trin is a bit more independent but I make her cuddle me and be my baby ;) she's the only one who lets me carry her around like a baby and follows me to the loo everytime and jumps up at me like a dog! Yoshi is just a grumpy old man. Mine are about 5 too! Time does fly.

Laser eye surgery sounds fantastic. My Mum looked into it, but decided against it as her friend had it and nearly lost her sight. She then panicked and read some negative reviews. It's probably a tiny minority that have problems, but she didn't want to risk it. My eyes are -1.00 and -1.25 according to my info from today! I actually do love wearing glasses and when I was a kid I always wanted to. If I had to all the time though it would probably annoy me and I'd consider surgery. Glad it went so well for you. Be lovely to not have to bother with glasses or contacts especially with things like water rides and swimming!

NatsyNoo 1 Apr 11 05:13 PM

Laser eye sounds fab Kel, Matt's about a -5 (maybe even worse!) so blind as a bat, I'd love for him to get it done for the wedding/honeymoon as it's such a bind but I reckon it's just too expensive, I worked it out to be about 80 per month on interest free credit 2 yrs which with the wedding/honeymoon to save for and vets bills (! ) (which incidentally have pretty much wiped out my gym money next month :( )

Just waiting for Matt to pick me up then off home!

Heard about the drugs Kel as we live in Springbourne but haven't seen any police and don't even know where it is! Silly isn't it when you live so close by!

loves_disney 1 Apr 11 06:44 PM

hey everyone! just out the shower after doing jillian! thats jillian 3 days in a row! however going to go on the bike later tonight as was bad and went to an indian for dinner with my flatmates last night! but oh my god, it was the best indian i have ever had. and i didn't finish it because i didn't want to stuff myself! but today is the start of april so my head is screwed on again. i'm a bit bloated today probably from all the alcohol last night!
but my mum suggested a chinese tonight and i turned it down! hehe!

sorry to hear about everyone's pet problems! i;ve had my fair share of guineas and rabbits and dogs and horses! i love animals! however i am allergic to hay and cats! i've only met one nice cat in my life, my cat experiences are bad! hehe

well done on your loss liz and nats! keep going!

sorry to hear you were poorly kel, hope you are feeling better! good luck with your marathon im sure we will hear from you during!

Guest 1 Apr 11 06:53 PM

hi everyone, aww kel sounds like you had a bad time bein ill,you do seem to do alot! maybe you had just done toooo much and you had got run down. i got similar symptoms to you in jan, danny had to stay off work to mind the kids i was that ill. and im same as you never ill (don't have time to be ill lol)
glad your alot better :)yeh i love it i had go and get the size 14, clothes are crazy the soze difference in different shops! even in the same shops sometimes! no i couldn't wear it without the strap i don't have any boobs now so it would just fall down lol.i have been looking at getting a boob job for the wedding would cost in region of 3500. i wsould love to be brave enough to go a head with it! i would love a tummy tuck too as i don't think im goin to loose my stomache :( tbh im happy that i have got back down to 10stone coz i thought i would never get here bein at 15stone 10months xx

omg is it next month you go how exciting! im excited for ya lol cant wait see your pics :0

nat - sounds alot cheaper from amazon, il have bare that in mind, doin the drops every 6months as your right would save alot of money. yeh hes in side atm, don't want to put him outside lol! my dad also wants laser eye treatment me and my sisters said we would put money towards for his 50th birthday!

liz - congrats on loss you must be so pleased :) keep at it and youl get there, lucy is ok shes just got really bad cough which is keeping her awake and me lol so im sooo tired another hour and we are all goin to bed lol

not done much today didnt go to gym thats 3weeks iv not been for now, but nothin stays to plan with kiddies lol, i had been up since 4.30am so i was just exhausted, had half hr on couch instead! i am def even if its once a week goin to start back next week.
i am tryin not to eat much, but i have been having a lucozade in a morning to give me a bit of energy (not that is does! ) and i have just had a few sweets iv resisted allll week then i just had a weak moment! lol owell!


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