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Watergirl 1 Apr 11 07:15 PM

Might not be on much this weekend. Dan called earlier to say that his Mum had been on the phone, his Grandad is really ill. It's his Grandad who is paying for us all to have a Mother's day meal. Doesn't sound as though he is well enough for it though and his Mum fears the worse. There is a nurse there daily. Dan is very close to him and I have become as well. So going to probably switch off for a bit. Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx

alkel2730 1 Apr 11 07:47 PM

Hi girls,

Thanks for all my tea and sympathy Ė might as well milk it! ;)

Just seen your message Liz whilst typing - sorry to hear that, hope all is ok. Take care - big hugs and love to you both. xxx

Liz Ė I hate that type of junk mail Ė I wish they would just stop! I have a Ďruleí that if we are out and about and we see animal charities collecting, Iíll always give a quid or two. As well as that we contribute to Cats protection and Dogs Trust straight out of our wage every month so we do so something but you can give to all and sundry can you? The other day I saw a donkey charity on TV and I was in tears, I very nearly called up and started regular contributions to that too. Itís so hard. The thing that gets me is that, like I say we contribute to these charities every month by automatic deduction and they still bombard us with literature asking for more money or even just Ďthankingí us by sending us calendars, cards, stickers Ė I feel like writing to them and saying, Ďtell you what, stop producing all these extras (cards, calendars, stickers, pens, news letters) and save the money insteadí. Lol. I still often increase the contribution, every time we get a wage increase, I increase it so they do ok out of us. I used to volunteer at rescue shelters too when I was a teenager but I just donít have time nowadays, wish I did, maybe one day.

Lol Ė they are sooooo funny on catnip arenít they?! I went to the National cat show last year and bought that Yeawooow catnip cigar and banana and the cats were hilarious Ė all four of them fell on the floor and rolled around looking dazed and stoned, its was the funniest thing Iíve ever seen! I actually filmed it, I wish I could get it on here somehow to show you, Iím sure youíve seen it many times with yours but its so weird to watch isnít it?! Lol. Daisy licks too, me mainly.

Its funny with the laser eye because when you go for it, they do these consultations as you can imagine, but they tell you all the dangers and so on and then when I got home I did the worse thing I could Ė I went on the Internet! Well, youíd think my eyes were going to drop out and laser eye surgery was the work of the devil and the chances of success were slim. :erm: Luckily I knew 4 people who had had it done, my brother being one of them and all 4 were fine, so I thought 'sod it' and just went for it. I was super worried and nervous though let me tell you, I mean its your eyes isnít it? But to be honest when the day came I was more worried about the fact that I couldnít wear make up to the surgery and it was in a shopping centre and I had to go in with no face on. That was traumatic enough and the surgery pailed in significance. :blush:

Nat Ė you are probably about right there with your monthly costings if Matt is a -5 but I think you may be off on your payment length! Mine is £70 per month for -3 and thatís over 4 years and Alexís is £50 p/m over 4 years and thatís with the cheapest company, however that is the best treatment, if you go for a lesser treatment then its cheaper, but its your eyes isn't it Ė for me I would only get the best. This £395 per eye you see on TV is only available to a very small amount of people, it was out of the question for me due to me being a -3. Its definitely worth it but just not viable for you now with wedding and honeymoon, maybe in the future? Oh you just reminded me, I got some vouchers through this week for money off laser eye surgery, I need to email a dibber about it. Itís a voucher for £150 off, not bad eh? I've got loads so you and Rach are welcome to one but the treatment has to be booked before end of this month so probably useless. However I do get them through all the time so if you do ever decide to get it done, give me a shout and I can save you some money.
Vets bills are well pricey Ė spare a thought for me - each Nov all 4 of mine get their boosters, thatís about £200 in one go! Ouch. Good job I love my little furry faces. I go to Companion care, I used to go there in Bímouth too, to Victoria road in Moordown as I lived virtually opposite on Wimbourne road, opposite the church above that tool hire place. Cor that was a dump of a flat, the front door didnít even lock and it was full of refugees and criminals! I think about that and realise how far Iíve come and I have to be proud. My friend used to have such a crush on the owner of that vets, Tom, but she found out he was married and was gutted, hehe. My mates mum is the receptionist there, nice vets though, I do like mine here but I miss that vets a bit. :(

Amy, oh dear about the Indian, at least you enjoyed it and you are keeping up with the exercise so its not all bad. Well done for resisting the Chinese too Ė thatís my weakness! :blush: Iíve decided not to do the marathon tonight as I donít want to over do it, Iíll do a bike but not a marathon but Iíll see if I can do an hour, still feeling a little weak if Iím honest. Aside from the fact that you are allergic to them, youíd love my cats, they are the friendliest cats in the world and I may be biased, well lets face it, I am, but they can charm anyone and Iíve seen them do it. ;)

Rach Ė totally know what you mean about the boob job Ė I've been saying that to Alex for about a year now but I just cant afford it. Would love to though and I wont rule it out in the future. Where I once had boobs I now have small lumps and not much else. I think Rach, reading your post, we might be similar in that we both struggle with tummies and boobs. Sorry to hear you have had a rough night with the kids again, you must be knackered and youll pick it the gym up in no time Iím sure. Glad you like the cossie - a good buy I feel! :D

Righto better go Ė might not be on much tomorrow as Iím in Brum, but have a good day yíall.


B: shake and 2 slices of multigrain toast
L: 2 slices of toast with Ĺ can beans
D: tuna salad. SF jelly

Exercise: 1 hour gym room.

Guest 1 Apr 11 08:04 PM

awww no liz so sorry to hear that big hugs, hope all is ok soon :)yeh i love the costume i really struggle with my stomache even when i was slim my stomache was never flat. and that costume really is slimming,have you got another similar to that? iv seen one in next i like when iv got a bit more money il be gettin that too.
i know i will not be ruling a boob job out i would love one now would even out my stomache haha, as my stomah is bigger lol! i spoke to my sisters friend as she had one done and she said o it only cost 2.5k so i booked a consultation and she texted me few days later sayin o sorry it was 3.5 k! so its a no no atm!

take care everyone i prob wont be on either over weekend, at work tomoz then sunday taking lucy out to gullivers world its like a little theme park for kiddies.


loves_disney 1 Apr 11 08:20 PM

sorry to hear the news liz, that must be terrible!

kel it's interesting to read all about this laser eye stuff! it's funny cause i have 20/20 but my sister has terrible eyes, she -6 in one! she got consulted for laser and they told her if she got it, they wouldn't be able to correct it completely so that -6 would just go to around a -2! she would still have needed glasses and contacts. thats a bit of a bummer.

its also funny seeing the boob job comments, i am a 32G, i've never really had small boobs. one summer i was an A cup when i was 12, then next summer i was suddenly a DD!
i love the look of your cossie girls! however with my boobs i really need the underwired support! tankinis and swimsuits are a no no for me. i have to have a bikini so i need to flatten this stomach!

Guest 1 Apr 11 09:11 PM

Wow amy wish i had big boobs bet your stomache looks flat already. I use to be a c/d then when i had lucy i stayed thexsame now after jacob and goin to 15stone then loosing it iv gone to an a so my stomache looks huge. X

alkel2730 1 Apr 11 09:27 PM

I have got a similar one to that Rach but it's a tankini but they don't sell it anymore. :-( such a shame as they do it in a different colour and I was going buy it in that too. I'll have a search on eBay for it though Rach, see if I can find it for you.
This cossie has cups Amy but they are soft cups, my other one has underwired cups which is good for 'lift' hehe which I need! I couldn't imagine having boobies that big! At my biggest when I was a size 22/24 I was only a C at the most. I'm now an A, you are lucky to keep them, like Rach says your tummy must look great next to them. You know what's funny I still wear an underwired bra each day! Nuts really. Probably a good thing I don't have big ones as I have back problems as it is.
Goodness only knows what they told your sis Rach but my friend was a -8 and my brother was a -6 and both have 20/20 vision after laser eye and don't need contact or glasses so I'd tell your sis to go to a different company. One had his (the -8) about 9 years ago too now and technology wasn't even that good then. Unless there is some other issue that your sister has with her eyes like a stigmatism, that might affect it, not sure. I went with Optical Express but Ultralase did my brother and my -8 friend so maybe tell her to try again. One optition told Alex his perscription was mild that he wouldn't be suitable for laser eye but when we went for consultation they said he was a fine candidate, so I'd deffo tell her to try a different company if it's something she wants to do. You are sooo lucky having good eyes Amy.
Tell you what Rach 3.5 isn't too bad too much me now but maybe in the future when our eyes paid off, my eyes were 3k! Xx

alkel2730 1 Apr 11 09:55 PM

Amy, was just on the debenhams website and saw that cossie Rach and I got but with underwired bra in! It's dearer at £30 but it's in the sale specifically for G and above cups. Thought I'd let you know. X

loves_disney 2 Apr 11 11:29 AM

morning all!

thanks kel, i'll look into the cossie! does it have supporting straps, as you might imagine, with a chest like mine, if i don't have straps, even with underwire, i have a lot of... droopage, you might say!

just about to go to work, then out for dinner tonight for mothers day! should be good, this restaurant does a lot of good meats so diet wise i will be fine!

not much else planned for me today, changed my sig pic so you can finally see me! hehe

hope everyone is well!

kaboomba 2 Apr 11 11:52 AM

Hello ladies,

Liz I'm really sorry to hear about dans grandad love to both you xxx

Ladies I've had a nightmare trying to get s Bandeau bikini or swimming coast, i got one in the sale in next and was under wired so didn't hold out much hope, it was awful! So I though Id try the hero haliwell one which is for bra sizes and says for larger boobs this one was even worse, if you imagine, the worlds most savviest looking boobs and a little bit if nipple haha! I think I'm going to have to go for a halter neck tie it round my back when I'm sun bathing! I'm really panicibg about my wedding dress cause I STILL have tan lines from last and don't want that in my dress! I may try the debenhams cossie! I hate my big boobs lol!

Kel glad you feeling better hun! I can't believe your going next month it's so exciting! You've done so well and I KNOW your going to look amazing in your swimming cossie!

Amy I know what you mean I can't really get away with cossies, I'm a 34F! Rach I wish my boobs made my stomach look smaller but that's not true in my case lol! Glad you enjoyed the indian, and well done for not stuffing yourself and still exercising! Hopefully not much damage done

Rach I can imagine it very difficult to get to the gymwith kiddies! I really need my sleep and if in tired I'm not worth a button!

Nats how's wee buttons? Glad you found a cheaper alternative! We gave into the piggy she knows shes got us wrapped round her little paws! She just looked so sad bless her!

Sorry wasn't on last night Ross took my for dinner! Had such a stressful day at work yesterday thought I was going to cry when I left! We were on taking calls and there are 12 of us and one tram leader to help, so everyones asking questions at the same time and your having to leave customers on hold then they are getting upset and you just end up looking like an idiot! I know it'll be better when we know what we're doing but it's just getting there just! I feel really sorry for the tl too she seems so stressed out!

Neho I have a confession to make I WI'd in this morning, I actually begged Ross for them lol I wanted to make sure I was doing it right and not putting weight on but it was very good news I can't wait to tell you all on Monday!

Right food for yesterday

Daybreak bar
Ham salad
Celery and pea nut butter
Sugar free jelly

Now I know I shouldn't have eaten raisins but I was quite bunged up and raisins really help so ihad a little drop and it worked a treat! Too much info I know haha!

Right I'm off have a good day everyone!

kaboomba 2 Apr 11 07:58 PM

i'm excited, just ordered myself some goodies from the low carb megastore! Got my self some zero carb sweeties and some atkins bars! The atkins bars were ALOT cheaper than boots although i think the delievery probably evened it out. Apparently barnetts sweets are zero carbs, so i'm going round the sweet shop in the morning to see if they stock them! Yummy!

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