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ERICSMUM 12 Sep 19 09:53 AM

Shooting Ranges for solo tourists
Iíve looked at the website for one range and they state a minimum of 2 people if hiring guns rather than taking their own 😱 (safety reasons ? )

Does anyone know of a range that will accept one person ?


voicon 12 Sep 19 11:10 AM

I know Oak Ridge now insist on 2 shooters for safety reasons after suicides in the range.

I'm guessing the adventure type places will be ok, like florida firearms adventures, as an instructor is with all the time but they are more expensive.

louloublue_123 12 Sep 19 10:18 PM

Orlando gun club will let you be a loan shooter if you pre book a package in advance:)

Northerndave 27 Sep 19 01:21 AM

I had to travel to Bradenton to shoot solo

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