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Stu 23 May 14 10:44 AM

Live Video feed - Rock Your Disney Side 24 hour Event
Live Video feed from Magic Kingdom - Rock Your Disney Side 24 hour Event.

Video feed now closed.

If you can't see the live feed above, please refresh your browser window,

click HERE for larger view

Stu 23 May 14 11:01 AM

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And the Park is now open...

The crowd surge through and are being held by the rope at the start of Main Street

local time: 6:00am

dabjam22 23 May 14 11:50 AM

I want to be there :cry::cry::cry::cry:

sunshine-state 23 May 14 11:53 AM

Loving this. Makes me wish there was a live or a slightly delayed webcam all the time.

RickT 23 May 14 12:00 PM

6am... Crazy fools ;):grin::grin:

Helen uk 23 May 14 12:05 PM

OMG love it ..ive got a new webcam now to sit and watch all day ...better than the telly ...wish i was there :cry:

Stu 23 May 14 12:54 PM

The Seven dwarfs mine train was open at 6am this morning for a soft opening, just 30 minutes later the wait time was indicating 180 minutes.

If you are there watch out for more soft openings during the rest of today and tomorrow.

There a walkthrough and on-ride video from this morning on this thread

and here is a youtube video of what the queue looked like :(

starstruck 23 May 14 01:07 PM

Ooh no that is it for work now - i'm addicted - eagerly awaiting a parade:grin:


lottie89 23 May 14 01:09 PM

Yay! No more work for me for the rest of the afternoon...

lottie89 23 May 14 01:11 PM

Need some Dibbers to come and wave at the camera!

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