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Mikeandrach 26 Feb 21 11:50 PM

Alamo at Miami
Hi everyone, Im looking at a full size suv at Miami and specifically Alamo

Were not going til July 2022 but would appreciate any feedback, especially from people whove been at that time of year

If we go to the full size suv line are we likely to have a choice of 2/3 cars, or 20/30 cars, or somewhere in between? I know it can vary but Im talking typical real world experiences

Also how long do they keep their cars? Im spoiled by a company car scheme that sees me ordering my next car pretty much the day the new one arrives, so rarely have a car more than 6 months, am I likely to be picking up a 3 year old car with 100k miles etc?

Again I realise things will vary but I have never hired a car in the states so ha no idea what to expect, Ive hired all over Europe and had a brand new Mercedes with 3 miles on the clock, and a 4 year old Seat with 90k on the clock from the same company just weeks apart!

Mikeandrach 27 Feb 21 05:03 PM

Ok looks like nobody on here has ever rented from Alamo at Miami airport?

mickchick 27 Feb 21 06:19 PM

Alamo's bigger branches only keep their cars for six months, but some of their smaller franchise operators keep theirs for a year. It is possible that a hugely busy Alamo like the one at MIA will have a few older cars in stock - say for instance] a customer has rented an older vehicle from a small Alamo office in another location but dropped the car off at MIA - but it is unlikely. As for choice, obviously no-one can possibly say how many vehicles will be available at any one time.

DFCH-Andy 27 Feb 21 07:01 PM

Vehicle availability changes constantly by the minute depending on flights, as does quality of the vehicles they have. In the past, they tend to get rid of them between 6 - 12 months or 30-40k miles. Wouldn't be surprised if the rental companies hold on to the vehicles for longer post CV.

Missin_Disney 28 Feb 21 12:52 PM

We hired with Alamo in Miami in 2019

The car hire there now is offsite connected by a monorail, takes about 5-10 mins from the terminal. Very well signposted too to get to the monorail too

We hired a Chevy Tahoe and from memory there was at least 10 to choose from

Checked the mileage and toys on a few as the keys were in them and drove off

We prefer to use Alamo when we can to do the 'skip the counter' and go straight to the garage

Mikeandrach 28 Feb 21 01:35 PM

Hi thanks everyone for the replies, I realise things can and dog change but if 100 people replies saying there was only a choice of 2 cars every time theyve been Id be feeling worried, looks like not much to worry about

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