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gavvy 6 Oct 14 07:23 PM

Suppose we will just have to wait and see... I know that dealing with SocGen who run the admin on pure registered shares is a bit of a pain, not sure if everyone will have to go through them or not, but I am not looking forward to it!

Peter H 6 Oct 14 08:05 PM

As I understand it as I have 100 shares I am still in the Shareholder's Club. I don't need to sell or buy anymore. I remain a member until my renewal is due. After that I don't know what will be expected.
The set up at DLP is different to any other park so there is nothing to compare it too.

Rescuer 6 Oct 14 08:39 PM

It all sounds very confusing.

I have 20 shares but would be interested in buying more (9x) at the 1 rate to take me over the 100 share limit.

Will we be sent paperwork to do this?

Peter H 6 Oct 14 08:41 PM

Contact the corporate people at DLP they will give you all the info you need.

twinklebelle 7 Oct 14 09:22 PM

I'm really confused by this whole thing.

My membership is up at the end of this month. I was very lucky in renewing just before the rule change for 20 to 100. I need to purchase the other 80 shares to stay in the club.

I don't want to no longer be in the club and worry that it will be too late for me if this 1 Euro per share offer does come about in the new year.

I don't know if I should just buy up the difference now while the price is still less than it has been recently.

I'm really not that financially savy and not sure what to do for the best. I was all set and would of gone ahead and purchased the shares but this a massive curve ball!

kk20 8 Oct 14 03:11 PM

quite simply how much did you save in having the shareholders club? Then price up how much it will cost to get 80 shares now. Or wait till the 9-1 offer comes about and see what the deal/availability is for the shareholder club (which may disappear at the same time!)

It would be a gamble though, the shareholder club may close to new members at the same time.

stitcher3000 8 Oct 14 05:10 PM

I'm the same as twinklebelle in that we managed to renew our membership at the last minute & also not quite knowing what to do.

kempydee 9 Oct 14 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by stitcher3000 (Post 10117221)
I'm the same as twinklebelle in that we managed to renew our membership at the last minute & also not quite knowing what to do.

I'm the same as you both. I've emailed the shareholder lot asking for advice. Not holding out much hope for a reply as I bet they don't know what is happening yet either.
I use mine a lot to get 10% off in the UK disney store... not sure its worth it paying another 200 odd for the remaining 80 shares I need. Even though they are the cheapest they've been for a long time...

fd1972uk 9 Oct 14 01:25 PM

So i guess the answer is No.



DIBBadmin 9 Oct 14 01:25 PM

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