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abzorba 30 Mar 19 12:52 PM

Vodafone Global Roaming Plus
I've got a Red Entertainment package with Vodafone which comes with Global Roaming Plus.

Has anyone got any experience of using this and knows what it comes with?

I think I can use my full monthly data allowance (50GB) and calls/texts in the US or back to the UK will be free (please correct me if I've got this wrong).

Can I also share my data (by setting my phone as a hotspot) with other phones or devices such as Sat Navs or is there a ban on tethering?

dotb 30 Mar 19 02:55 PM

I think it only covers calls to UK numbers. Calls to US numbers are chargeable - thatís what I was told last year anyway

Gipsy 4 30 Mar 19 02:57 PM

I think you can use your data as usual but itís always best to check with Vodafone regarding your personal tariff. I am on the same package but will double check before I go so thereís no unexpected charges on my account.

Jcmickey 30 Mar 19 11:37 PM

Would be keen to know this as thinking of changing to this plan

Carolynmf 31 Mar 19 10:21 AM

I have just been over and used this. Only used my email, internet and making phone calls to us phone numbers though. No additional charges.

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