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MrsSevSpaghetti 18 May 19 09:20 AM

Do you make your own ears?
Itís something I am thinking of having a go at. Iíve seen some cheap basic ears I thought I could use and just recover.
Anyone have any tips!

mickeyismybff 18 May 19 09:52 AM

Yes, Iíve done both the recover and start from scratch options. Recovering is nice and quick! Just trace to make a template and then cut that shape (plus a little bigger for the seam allowance). Sew the round part on the machine, flip inside out and cover the ears, then handstitch or hot glue to close.

It takes so little fabric that I find it quite a joy to buy the smallest cut of something Iíd never justify as a clothing project!

MrsSevSpaghetti 18 May 19 09:53 AM

Thanks - just need a theme now 😁

*jovi_girl* 18 May 19 04:15 PM

I made some lilo and stitch ones for when we went to ohana breakfast

EmmaBolan 18 May 19 04:58 PM

I love the parks one but they are so expensive! As I type this Mum & I are currently in the middle of making a pair using Disney fat quarter material Aldi keep bringing out! I'll post a picture later on once they are finished :)

We bought a glue gun which in total with the sticks cost us about £8 from The Range. Mum has got a sewing machine so we have stitched some things :)

princess-momo 18 May 19 05:02 PM

i plan on making a few wears. I've made 2 sets of these ones so far...

one for me and a smaller pair for my daughter :D the picture doesn't show how sparkly and mermaidy they are

mickee 18 May 19 06:30 PM

I made all the ears in these pics for our trip last year. The orange pair are a recovered pair the rest I followed a no sew ears tutorial I found on Ebay. It was fun to do and we got so many comments on them xx

MrsSevSpaghetti 18 May 19 09:37 PM

Iím finding these very inspiring!

Rachie76 18 May 19 11:03 PM

These are my homemade efforts for this years trip.
Still got a few left to make.

loves2plan 18 May 19 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by Rachie76 (Post 13852538)
These are my homemade efforts for this years trip.
Still got a few left to make.

They look great. Especially love the second pair with the lightning!

Where are people getting headbands from? I struggle to find decent adult sized ones.

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