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meggy 3 Sep 19 08:04 AM

Help! Fastpass email?
After spending 59 mins Sunday selecting all fps I woke this morning to 12 messages, effectively 1per day saying " we see a change has occurred that impacts your eligibility for the following fastpass".

They appear to be for 1 off the choice each day, mainly the first tier.

I have looked on mde everything seems ok, but it suggests if I do not buy a valid ticket they will be removed tomorrow!

I am in a closed meeting all day today so cannot call them. Has anyone else had these emails, any advice? I am panicking! :cry:

meggy 3 Sep 19 08:29 AM

Just gone in to mde again. Looks like hotel reservation disappeared!

PANIC! Is this a blip or should I make excuses and come out of meeting to sort out?

Grapesoda 3 Sep 19 08:40 AM

I would screen shot everything and i'm sure Disney will sort it out for you. It's obviously an error on the MDE so I wouldn't worry.

sprocket 3 Sep 19 08:46 AM

try adding your hotel reservation back onto your MDE.

Claudette 3 Sep 19 09:11 AM

MDE is very glitchy and this sounds like another one. I have had tickets disappear for a day or so. They always come back, I would just log off and back in again in a little while.

meggy 3 Sep 19 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by sprocket (Post 14051979)
try adding your hotel reservation back onto your MDE.

it won't accept the reservation number now:cry:

Claudette 3 Sep 19 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by meggy (Post 14052012)
it won't accept the reservation number now:cry:

What does it say?

Have you tried logging off and back on. Try not to worry, this kind of thing happens all the time.

Mickie 3 Sep 19 09:21 AM

This sort of thing does happen-it does say they’ll remove them tomorrow and you have the emails as evidence you had the bookings?

There’s often problems with MDE and particularly with reservations. You often can’t relink as despite “losing it” MDE often treats it as already linked to an account (yours!). I’ve had that and one phone call sorted it. I’m sure they will sort it and reinstate any lost FPs

Miss AliJS 3 Sep 19 11:40 AM

I had the same email this morning too but reservation is still showing

chmurf 3 Sep 19 11:50 AM

to put your mind at ease, I had done Ft Wilderness campsite reservations to get 60 days FP+ those additionnal visits were to take place 10 days ago

Change of plans, I had to cancel the reservation that sported the 60 days FP+
I had this email, and didn't take much notice, since we weren't doing disney on that day

as the email said our FP+ would drop off if I didn't link a ticket or a hotel reservation, I didn't cancel the FP+, thought disney would do it for me (lazy me, lol)

on the morning of our visit, some 2.5 weeks after I cancelled the "hotel" reservation, lo and behold, the FP+ were still there

so, no need to get out of your meeting or call 911 ... :) ... your FP+ won't disappear in the next couple of minutes :)

call disney when you have time to (and expect very long waits on the phone, as Dorian has loads of people call disney to make amendments

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