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The 2 Minnies 11 Sep 19 01:27 PM

MCO Immigration
Just thought I would let everyone know about our arrival on Sunday into MCO.

Flew Virgin, very good flight, arrived into MCO around 2.00pm local time.

We were in premium so off the flight fairly quickly and arrived into a completely empty arrivals hall !
Just a photo taken (no fingerprints), luggage started coming through very quickly.

Literally off the flight and collecting the car in 30 minutes or so.

Everywhere very quiet so far, apparently lots of cancellations due to Dorian, not sure about the parks though as we arenít going this time.:(

thatdavieguy 11 Sep 19 02:40 PM

Granted that it is low season now after the schools have all gone back (UK & US) but i'd imagine that Dorian & the BA issues have caused even more of a dip.

have seen people saying parks have been quieter too which is likely for the same reasons

chmurf 11 Sep 19 03:30 PM

the BIG variable at MCO, will always be the time it takes them to deliver luggage.
Time at immigration is one thing, and there is nothing you can control on that front.

But, what good is a fast off the plane, fast out of immigration, when they take 45 minutes to start the carousel and deliver luggage ?

This happened on our fllight on july 31st this year.
By the time luggage began being spit out on the conveyor belt, everyone on our flight had cleared immigration and was waiting ...

bighal 11 Sep 19 03:38 PM

When we went through ot took us about 10 mi utes to get through immigration from getting off the plane but took another 20 minutes for the bags to arrive.

As to fingerprints they only take them if you haven't been before, only one of our party had theirs taken as it was their first visit. Not sure if you have a new passport you would need to do fingerprints again though.

The parks are starting to get busier again now compared to when we arrived last Wednesday.

Elviebaby 11 Sep 19 03:54 PM

Completely different sorry to Aug 16th - arrived approx 17:30 and took 3.5 hrs form leaving the plane to arrive at the Magical Express check-in!

Also , watching 1st time families stressed and exhausted with young children (including one mother in tears) thinking that this was supposed to be on a "dream holiday", was not great!

"Happiest Place on Earth" - not MCO Immigration Hall that's for sure!

So after 4 trips via MCO this will certainly be the last and it will be back to Sanford or may try Tampa next time.

duncanb 11 Sep 19 04:45 PM

like all big airports its impossible to guess luggage immigration time, for every great experience there is another poor one.
Enjoy hols.

bighal 12 Sep 19 12:42 AM


Originally Posted by Elviebaby (Post 14066664)
So after 4 trips via MCO this will certainly be the last and it will be back to Sanford or may try Tampa next time.

That's all good and well flying to Sanford if you only want to fly TUI from the UK or have a limited choice of indirect options.

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