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Guest 1 Nov 11 06:05 PM

Princess Lunch at Auberge du Cendrillon - MENU/FOOD

We visited this restuarant 24th October 2011 and thought we would provide some feedback for others with little princesses thinking about going :)

Adult menu -

We both had the same 3 courses and chose the viel as our main meal having enjoyed it the day before at Steakhouse...

Starter - Salmon, Duck & Pumpkin soup.

Main - Viel with cheesy potatoes and veg -YUM!

Desert - Creme Broulet, Black forest gateau and Egg custard (Bday cake was brought seperate but served with desert).

Childs menu -

The girls tried the beef burger and ravioli, they both loved the burger but hated the ravioli...

Starter - Cheese and tomato skewers, an orange dish ive forgotten and tuna mayo.

Main - Beef burger and mash.

Main - Ravioli - neither of my girls liked the strong cheese inside it so it was wasted.

Desert - Strawberry mouse, sorbet and white choc lolly and cinderella shoe (again cake brought seperately).

A booked birthday cake extra 25 Euro which was great but a major disapointment all in all, we were served a slice each with desert but the other half of the cake we had paid for was taken away and we were not allowed it!

Thinking i had paid 25 Euro for a birthday cake it turns out they used the same cake and just changed the name on it for 2 families then cut just 1 cake up between us providing just a slice each :angry:

All in all costing us 195 Euro it was a brilliant chance to meet the princesses, Ariel, Sleeping beauty with her prince and Cinderella were there from 12pm onwards and with the parks Princess pavilion closed most of the time we were there it was our only chance to meet them for pictures etc so worth it for DD2's face but the food was wasted and we only got half a birthday cake for that price :(

Guest 1 Nov 11 06:36 PM

Thank you. That is really helpful!

I see the unlimited wine has disappeared! Oh well.

So excited now 9 sleeps to go!


Guest 1 Nov 11 09:52 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I was considering the birthday cake as it is my DDs birthday the day after we return if they are not going to give you the whole cake then that is absolutely disgusting! Did you complain?
Do you think it was worth nearly 200 euros?

Guest 2 Nov 11 11:34 AM

Another family of 3 had a cake brought out and happy birthday sung then around 15 minutes later us 4 had the same.
Apart from the 3 slices the other family had and 4 we had no cake was seen!
I asked for the bill and 2 of the 4 slices we were brought to be put in the box to take away as we hadn't managed them and was told they didn't have any box - luckily I had a Tupperware box in my bag so the slices served with desert I took away.

DP said they had probably used the same cake to sing and cut up just 1 between us both!

In a week we caught princess pavilion open just once for 1 princess and saw around 4 characters signing within both parks so for character interaction we were glad we did all 4 character meals and without our disabled pass wouldn't have gotten near parade Q's that started 2 hours in advance to see the princesses either so it's worth it is princesses pics and autographs are a priority.

My daughters face was priceless and it is something I had booked but DD1 missed out on 4 years ago in Florida when DD2 got ill so was important for us to do.

Reservations told me 11.30 was first seating but the place only opened at 12pm, get there around 11.30 though as between 11 and 11.30 ish Cinderella step mother and sisters are right outside the entrance ;)

Guest 2 Nov 11 08:57 PM

I think it is definetly something I have to think about becuase i know a lot of people have complained about the queues and the problems with princess interaction

Guest 29 Jan 12 02:42 PM

The thing with the cake is appalling!

PenguinPatter 29 Jan 12 08:16 PM

Not letting you take the cake away is terrible!

We had the same cake at Cafe Mickey for OH's birthday and we only ate 2 slices which we cut ourselves. They gave us a box to take the rest away in.

sammykitten 29 Jan 12 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by PenguinPatter (Post 7029025)
Not letting you take the cake away is terrible!

We had the same cake at Cafe Mickey for OH's birthday and we only ate 2 slices which we cut ourselves. They gave us a box to take the rest away in.

yes, we've had that very same cake at Cafe Mickey too, we didn't even touch it in the restaurant, the waiter was happy to give us the box (and the candles :)) to take the whole cake away with us.

DIBBadmin 29 Jan 12 08:29 PM

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