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SMAX 4 Jan 13 10:24 AM

NEW Mobile Style
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We have improved theDIBB Mobile style with extra features.

You can now Edit and Quote from the Mobile style. There are now Avatars in posts and some extra info in the thread listings such as Thread starter and reply count.

This style is just called "Mobile" as it works on both iPhones and Android phones. You will be prompted on these devices to use the new style if you are trying to view theDIBB in the desktop version.

Some screenshots to show the new style...

If you want theDIBB as an App Icon on your home screen on your iPhone do this...

Then press this...

dubletrub 4 Jan 13 10:37 AM

New Mobile Look
Loving the new mobile look. Great that you can see who started the thread. :)
Even get to edit and quote now on my mobile.

Guest 4 Jan 13 10:39 AM

That's great! Thanks Simon! :wave:

tweety-pie 4 Jan 13 10:53 AM

Thank you very much, it looks great!:)

Clare 4 Jan 13 11:10 AM

thank you, looks fab :)

stitcher3000 4 Jan 13 11:58 AM

Thankyou spend most of my dibb time on my moby :-)

Nimbus 4 Jan 13 12:05 PM

Simon, I seem to have problems quoting messages and replying to them using the new mobile style (thanks for that, btw). After quoting a message using the "Quote" button, typing my reply and then hitting "Submit Reply" I keep getting the following error:

"Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.

If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error".

Things seem to work fine if I don't use the "Quote" button and just reply without a quote (i.e. use the "Post Quick Reply" option).

I've tried it a few times now quoting different posts and I still get the same error. Is it just me?

SMAX 4 Jan 13 12:17 PM

That should work ok now.

disneydaft70 4 Jan 13 12:58 PM

Have you always had this app or is the whole thing new?

Can't wait to have either my phone fixed or a new phone to try it out :grin:

JA x

SMAX 4 Jan 13 01:06 PM


Originally Posted by disneydaft70 (Post 8078671)
Have you always had this app or is the whole thing new?

We have always had it but you couldn't edit or quote from it before.

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