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Guest 26 Feb 14 07:55 PM

Amazing photographer Randy Chapman and Videographer Stan Severance!
I live in England but I got married in Orlando in December 2013. The wedding was at Disneys Wedding Pavillion. We chose to go through an independent photographer called Randy Chapman. We had seen photographs online which were absolutely amazing on Randy's site and his Facebook page. He had been recommended by other couples, a first class photographer. We also selected Stan Severance as our videographer, again his videos looked fantastic, Stan has worked for Fox. Randy and Stan are brilliant, I fully recommend them. The photographs we had taken are fabulous! We expected around 400 images and received 1400 on disc with full copyright. The prices are very reasonable and both Stan and Randy have packages you can choose from that suit what you can afford. Randy took artistic shots, for example, the reflection of us in my husbands sunglasses, black and white photographs as well as colour, he edited the photographs for us, made the colours deeper and blurred out backgrounds. He took Fairytale style photographs. I didn't even know Randy was there on the day, he was so discrete! He did exactly what I asked. I didn't want just the usual portrait shots and Randy did an amazing job of taking wonderful creative shots. Stan equally created several beautiful videos, a traditional one and also stylist one that plays like a film to music! We even had the wedding streamed live over the internet so that people back home could watch. Both Randy and Stan were fantastic, I'd give them 100% recommendation to anyone that is having a wedding, you'll be amazed at the photographs and videos they take. I cried when I saw them! If you want an award winning photographer go to chapmanphotography and for Stan go to stvsvideo

Peppagail 26 Feb 14 07:59 PM

Hi and welcome to the dibb :) what a great report on Randy and Stan I have booked both for our wedding in July so thank you for the great feed back :)

dee slack 26 Feb 14 08:01 PM

Welcome to the Dibb!
We had Randy for our vow renewal waaaay back in 2007 and also thought he was amazing, made us feel so at ease and we got so many great photo's. If we were ever to do anything like it again, I would make sure Randy could take our photo's before we booked the date!

Guest 26 Feb 14 08:03 PM

Thank you :) and congratulations on getting married! You have chosen the best :) our photos are amazing and the video too! Have a fabulous time!

MinnieStrawb 26 Feb 14 09:16 PM

Thank you so much for the review - I've booked Randy for my villa wedding in October. And I've just booked another 1-1/2 hours with him to come back to the poly to take photos on the beach after O'hanas. I'm more excited now :)

tnkrbell 27 Feb 14 10:32 AM

We have randy and stan booked for our October wedding. Really looking forward to it. Do you have a link to your photos or video? Would love to see them

Honey68 27 Feb 14 08:46 PM

I too booked them both as a result of recommendations here and as am using Carrie for our wedding on 4th August, knowing she often works with them. Really pleased that you had such great results... looking forward to see our results as don't normally like my photo being taken.

cupcakefairy 28 Feb 14 08:48 AM

Yay great review we have them both booked for our wedding in September :) thinking of booking another hour with Randy as we only have 2 x

dee slack 28 Feb 14 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by cupcakefairy (Post 9369293)
Yay great review we have them both booked for our wedding in September :) thinking of booking another hour with Randy as we only have 2 x

If you can afford another hour with Randy I would recommend it. I can't remember how long we had him for, but we were staying at AKL and he met us there and had pic's inside and out, then to Poly outsid and around the beach area, then obviously during and after the ceremony (pavilion) and around the GF and their beach area (now gone?) so got some amazing shots from all sorts of angles and views so don't regret a minute. Oh and I seem to think we also had him come back for an hour or so later for pic's with Wishes in the sky. Sorry I can't remember the details, but it was over 6years ago.

nic.xox 28 Feb 14 09:07 PM

How much did they pay you too write that ;) hehe

Seriously, congrats on getting married, and thanks for the review. I have also booked Randy and I know I won't regret it, his work looks amazing! (Any chance of sharing a few pics with us :))

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