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Carole 26 Mar 02 05:37 PM

Whoo hoo. I'm very excited now. No one told me you get pressies as well ..

I'm off to have a good rummage and see what we've got.

DISNEYALI 26 Mar 02 07:50 PM

dont  keep us in suspense too long...

Guest 26 Mar 02 08:19 PM

Oooh you lucky thing!!
Let us know what goodies you got


Carole 26 Mar 02 08:41 PM

Well, I've had a good rummage and started on the reading.

There is a really nice rucksack. Lots of zipped up pockets, nice and deep with the DVC logo on it. There's a lovely luggage tag that's shaped like Mickey's hand. I'm really quite impressed with it.
There's a nice print of the Beach club villas. Limited edition, that'll get framed and go on the wall .
Then there's the Member's guidebook. It's rather thick but I've managed to read most of it this afternoon.
There's the contract itself which I've read thoroughly.
Lastly there's loads of legal stuff which I'm ploughing through. I'm signing nothing until I've read the lot and at least have a vague idea of what it means. .

It's all very exciting, did I mention that already?
.  .

ANGEL 26 Mar 02 09:36 PM

Thats great Carole, I am very very jealous! .

AlisonB 26 Mar 02 09:49 PM

Sounds wonderful Carole!

Hil 26 Mar 02 09:59 PM

Exciting stuff !

Have fun reading... and reading... and reading it all .

Guest 26 Mar 02 11:30 PM

It sounds wonderful Carole, have fun reading it all.

 .   .   .

Anne 26 Mar 02 11:59 PM

It must be sooooo exciting Carole, and goodies as well .  .  .

Well I can dream...

Anne .

MickeyMcMouse 27 Mar 02 09:22 AM

Well done Carole,

Sign at the ears and date at the palm trees ... or is it the other way round  .

David .

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