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scottishnellie 1 Jul 17 12:54 PM

Scottishnellies Sack The Kitchen Trip LIVE - Day 8 Busch Gardens

I was up at 6:45 (ooh a long lie!) and had some alone time by the pool relaxing.

Kieran was already up but I had to wake the others up at 7:30. Bad Mummy. We left the villa at 8:50 and arrived at Busch at 10am. Clear traffic all the way. I was rocking my new sparkly trainers today. LOVE sparkly footwear. Well, I love sparkly anything to be honest.

On the way in we bought the upgrade for the Seaworld cup we got yesterday, so $6.41 for free refills again for the day.

We had a look at the cheetahs who were very sleepy

Then around the myombe section at the gorillas who were also very sleepy

Then to Cheetah Hunt. This showed a 40m wait and was very accurate. I LOVE this ride. It is the smoothest coaster I have ever been on. Smooth loops and turns with no head rattle. LOVE IT!

We came off and walked up to Cobras Curse, the new ride. It was a 45 mins wait and this was accurate. The ride itself was really good. It is like being in a waltzer and a roller coaster at the same time. You sit in a carriage of 4 which spins as it goes round the track. Only problem is it is over in about 5 seconds. Great concept but needs to be longer. Not worth 45mins in my opinion. Although Hannah was howling at me because at one point we went down a huge drop backwards because it had spun and I was saying 'No! I don't even like traveling backwards on the train' She kept repeating this to me all day. I don't though. I always have to face forward. Which is probably a bit barmy given I can go on most rollercoasters eh?

Next up was Montu. The rollercoaster where your feet dangle. It said a 15m wait but was actually a walk on which was such a relief given the Cobra queue. We had started to worry we would spend the whole day queuing. We al loved this and its duration was at least 3 times that of Cobra. We came off and went straight back on again for another go.

We came back down past cheetah hunt and there was a dance party thing going on. We filmed a wee bit and sent it back to Andrew (from the Eastons who were with us in 2015) as he likes to see where we are every day as soon as we arrive there. I think the dance thing was to advertise the summer night they are doing til 6th August. The park is open late and certain areas turn into party areas with food and music from that themed area. I noticed it said you could buy a lanyard with so many tries for drinks and food items. We would never have stayed into the evening but if you were staying locally (or into very long days) this would probably be fun.

We saw the big lazy Hippo

We then made our way to Pantopia and on the way saw some cute ring tailed lemurs. These were cavorting around and Kieran really liked them.

The boys were desperate to ride Falcons Fury but it was broken down, They visited the loo and when they got back it was open with a 25min wait so they started to queue. Only for it to announce 10 mins later it was closing again, so they filed off not very happy. I decided some fuel was needed to get them going again so went to Bengali Bistro and bought some chicken tenders with fries and mozzarella sticks to share.

It was ok. Nothing special to be honest

We struggle with not being able to take our coolbag lunch into parks. It is not just the cost, but we would rather have a nice sandwich or salad we have made to our own tastes than (mostly) fried stuff from the parks. Although we had not taken our own lunch in, we passed a family who clearly had. This set Kevin off no end as to why we couldn't bring ours, yadda yadda. Yes Kevin, It does say on the website you cannot bring food in. No, I don't know how they managed it. Yes, I know we would have liked that better. *sigh*

We saw the elephants who liked like they were in a queue to use the cold shower!

We had a look at Congo river rapids but none of us wanted to wait 45mins for it. So we walked on to the section where you can put 25c in and soak people who HAVE waited 45 minutes to go on. Why have we not done this before?! Hilarious! This was the happiest Hannah had looked all day!

We had such a laugh soaking people. The this other guy came along who was so funny. He would wait until the boat thing passed, shout to them all to get them to wave up at him, then hit them with the jet. It was so funny. This is him beside Kieran in the red tshirt.

He was getting Hannah and Kieran to do the same alongside him although Hannah would look away pretending it was not her and he was laughing 'Come ON! You gotta own it man!'

Next up was Kumba. This was only a 5m wait so we went on, came off and went straight back on again. This is an oldie but a goodie.

We walked round and saw the tigers and the orangutans, but to be honest all the animals were very sleepy today so that is all we saw. Must have been the heat

Hannah demonstrated how large tigers are

And the white tiger that tried to lick Hannah and Kieran through the glass last year

We saw the chimps who had wee babies that were jumping around away up the back.

We walked down to Shiekra.

Yes. Well, if you have ever read any of my previous TRs you will know I just can not do this one. I did it in 2015 when we were with the Eastons (really missed them today for some reason) and swore I would never do it again. I did actually think I was going to die. Why anyone would think it is fun to be dangled over the edge at that height then dropped is beyond me. Then last year I saw footage of people being taken off the top of it because it got stuck and that did nothing to enhance its appeal.

It was only a 5 minute wait so the other 3 (loonys) went on and came off wth Hannah saying she really did not like it this time. They had been front row with Hannah right on the edge and Hannah said she hated that. Kieran said he would have loved it. If Hannah had not been screaming in his ear all the way round it!

The kids and I had dippin dots after this

It was baking hot today and Hannah in particular was starting to flag. She wanted another go on cheetah then to head home. Kieran wanted to go play in Tree Top Falls. So we agreed Hannah and I would walk round to Cheetah Hunt, while Kevin would take Kieran to play for a while as he was less bothered about another go on Cheetah.

Hannah and I walked round to the front of the park again, Hannah taking a selfie of us at the flamingos

Cheetah was down to a 15 wait so on we went and we did wait 15m. Loved it so much we came off and went straight back on again with it saying 10m. And yes, this time we waited 7m. I really do love how smooth this is. I had whatsappd Kevin to keep him updated on where we were and the queue time, and when Hannah and I pulled into the station after that 2nd ride he was waving at us from the queue waiting to get on. Hannah and I waited at the exit. Final drinks refill and loo stops and we headed back to the car, pulling out of the car park at 5:10 and al agreeing we had a great day here.

It took us longer to get home as the traffic was heavier in places but we did still keep moving. We had a laugh in the car about the radio station we were listening to. I had switched it to Country when I'd had enough of the cats choir in the back seat singing along to Ed Sheerin. And James Arthur's Say You Won't Let Go. The pair of them can really murder that one together.

Kevin and I quite like a bit of country in the car when we are here as its quite atmospheric! But the song titles are hilarious (which Redrach has mentioned in her report before me). You Look Good In My Shirt. She Thinks My Tractors Sexy. And my own personal favourite, She's Got A Body Like A Back Road. We had to explain to Kieran what a back road meant, so I referred to the back road to Saltcoats (wee seaside town in Scotland) which has lots of short sharp hills. Then Hannah pipes up, 'well if she's got a body like the back road to Saltcoats she must have some kinda spinal problem' which completely cracked us up! Daft nonsense!

We reached Devenneys Irish Pub at the entrance to High Grove at 6:45 and headed in. Friday night is 2 for 1 fish n chips and dibbers had said these were lovely. We arrived right at their busiest spot and waited ages for them to clean us a table. Then we waited ages for drinks. Then we waited ages for a menu. Then we waited ages for them to take our order. Just as well we weren't going anywhere!

When we finally got food (almost an hour after we had gone in) the experience was redeemed by how yummy the food actually was.

The boys both had the fish n chips

I had French onion soup

Hannah didn't want anything as she felt a bit off. Combination of the heat of the day and the long car ride home I think. So we didn't push her as there was plenty back in the villa for her to eat once she had a rest.

Menu is here for anyone coming to stay at High Grove

Back to the villa and Hannah went to her room for a lie down, emerging an hour later to fix herself a sandwich feeling much better.

Kevin and I alternated between sitting outside beside the pool, and coming back in and playing actual pool in the games room with Kieran.

It's a running joke that every time Kevin puts his SLR down something exciting happens and tonight was no exception. He missed some amazing red lightning in the distance and he missed the hawk swooping around overhead. He did manage to get some lovely pictures of a bird framed by the sunset. Aren't these gorgeous?

This is the best one

As it got later, and with Hannah all refreshed, we spent ages playing in the pool right up until it was time for showers and bed.

The trip report would have to wait until morning. And so ended a really lovely day.

app 1 Jul 17 01:10 PM

New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 1 Jul 17 1:10 PM.

Gryff 1 Jul 17 01:15 PM

Love Busch Gardens and the summer nights are fun when we've done them
We find it a very warm park as well

OB1LukeLucas 1 Jul 17 01:22 PM

What a lovely day.

mick 1 Jul 17 01:26 PM

A good day :spin: the photos of the bird are great:grin:

Joan :wave:

princess allie 1 Jul 17 03:29 PM

What a lovely day and I love your sparkly shoes

JanetteP 1 Jul 17 03:36 PM

Great day again. Glad you enjoyed you fish and chips :thumbs-up

mrsdjh 1 Jul 17 03:36 PM

Your trainers are nice. Sounds like you had a great day. Shame you had to wait so long for your food but it looks very tasty.

DisneyNikki 1 Jul 17 04:21 PM

That last photo of you all by the pool say it all. Fantastic day!

What times are the Fish and Chips 241 between? Look lovely.

christybell 1 Jul 17 04:34 PM

A great day, the last pic just sums it up!

Happy times, making memories :)

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