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BONZO 13 Apr 19 02:27 PM

Let's go... to San Francisco March 2019 - Day 1
Sunday 24th March 2019

Letís goÖto San Francisco
March 2019

Cast (itís the usual one!)
Me: Shaun, 50ís, loves travelling, eating and drinking (not necessarily in that order!)
Alison: 50ís, ditto to the above!

Link to Index: Here

So, it was Sunday evening, the start of our trip but Alisonís normal canny planning had gone out of the window as she realised quite late on that weíd be away for Motherís Day so to make amends she organised a meal out for us and her mum for the occasion instead. The surprise element was that weíd arranged for eldest DD and her boyfriend to be there too.

We had a lovely meal and spent part of the evening chatting to Steve about his recent trip to Abu Dhabi and the Special Olympics as one of the coaches.

We dropped Alisonís mum back home and said our goodbyes before slogging round the M25 which was nice and quiet at this time of night, before parking up at the T5 Long Stay car park at Heathrow. The shuttle bus arrived and we were the only ones on board so it didnít take long before we were dropped off at terminal for the short walk to The Sofitel. It's handily attached to T5 so no need for a shuttle bus (and even better it was a reward night on so almost free!)

There was no queue at check in and we chatted to the lady at reception who said she had good news for us, a double room upgrade to a Luxury King Size room! Woo Hoo!

We started to settle down but noticed that there was no mains power to the sockets and the TV wasnít working either. Alison phoned down to reception and an onsite maintenance man quickly appeared to sort things out for us. After a little fiddling about and a number of re-boots later all was working well.

We had a couple of cans of pre-mixed Gin and Tonics, watched a bit of TV and went to sleep in readiness for the actual start of our travels in the morning.

Goldia 13 Apr 19 06:48 PM

I love a can of gin and tonic in the hotel on pre travel day! I hope you had a good time in San Fran I'm keen to get back there some time soon.

IlDivoette 14 Apr 19 01:44 PM

Sounds like a good start, looking forward to reading the rest as we are off to SF in June for the first time.

KarenG 17 Apr 19 09:48 PM

Love that hotel!

disney owl 20 Apr 19 10:05 PM

Good start

orlandosgr8 1 Jun 19 04:33 PM

Love your trip reports :thumbs-up

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