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Lissa_x 19 May 19 04:04 PM

Gatwick south terminal hotel
Can anyone recommend best hotels for flying from the south terminal at Gatwick?
We're flying with BA in August and were looking at the premier inn at the north terminal but not sure how easy it is to get to South terminal from there with all the luggage etc the next morning?
We are travelling as 2 adults and 2 toddlers so need it to be as straight forward as possible! As we will have the kids, 4 x suitcases, 4 x hand luggage, double pushchair and possibly 2 x car seats!

Thank you!

Nicksgirl 19 May 19 04:13 PM

We don't like the Hotels at the South Terminal so always stay in the North. It is easy to get to the South.

Can you not do twilight check in ?

Happy Holidays. x

aladdin 19 May 19 04:22 PM

Weve stayed at the bloc and premier inn north, and plan on staying at premier inn north in future. Its a few mins shuttle ride over to the south terminal x

taylaboo 19 May 19 04:25 PM

We always do the Premier Inn on Airport Way just minutes from the airport. After twilight check in we have dinner and a couple of drinks to start the holiday off.

Bozza 19 May 19 04:30 PM

The two terminals are connected by a shuttle that runs continuously and takes a few minutes. You really do not need to worry which terminal you are flying from when making any decision about Gatwick, including which hotel to stay at.

The Sofitel is my "go to" hotel at Gatwick. Of all those I have stayed at, I consider it to be the best by some distance, and they offer a package with meet & greet parking to.

The novelty of Bloc appeals though, and we may well give it a try next time. It seems to get decent feedback from most that stay there.

grant_w 20 May 19 08:26 AM

I'm staying at Premier Inn North but flying from South Terminal in the morning.
Go with the best hotel for you as it only makes a couple of minutes difference to get to either terminal using the shuttle

Claudette 20 May 19 08:39 AM

I always stay at the Sofitel as I am in that hotel groups loyalty scheme. Never waited more than two minutes for a shuttle to the other terminal and the shuttle journey is a couple of minutes too. So no need to stick to hotels at a specific terminal.

duchy 20 May 19 08:40 AM

There's very little to choose between them all especially as most US flights mean it's sleep and run.
We left it too late to get a cheapie 35 at thePremier at the North terminal which is walkable last month sobooked the new Travelodge Plus a two minute shuttle ride away. Nice bar and food , even had an Easter egg hunt for the kids... for 28 ... bargain and one of the quietest airport hotels I've ever stayed in. Even though there were lots of guests coming and going at all hours as you'd expect, we didn't hear a thing !

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