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Tea 19 May 19 05:33 PM

Wyndham Disney Springs- too good to be true?
Need a couple of nights in a "Disney" hotel for magicbands , emh etc...
The Disney partner hotels offer everything a Disney hotel does except DME (Which we don't need as have a car)...
It's only $75 a night plus tax ... even with their resort fee, it seems like a fantastic deal compared to even the All Stars which are $131 per night for our dates.

We can walk to DS, we're close to LBV for cheaper food, we get all the perks of Disney at a cheap price at what looks to be a nice enough hotel... they even do a character meal which is never on DFB or any of those character meal lists...

What am I missing?! Is there a downside I'm not seeing?

darsch1982 19 May 19 05:41 PM

Dont think you get magic bands in just partner resorts?
Just had a look and its not got magic bands and you have to 25$ per day per room resort fee not very attractive tbh

BevS97 19 May 19 05:52 PM

We stayed there for a few nights after a cruise.

The location is superb. They do have transport but itís not quite as frequent as Disney hotel transportation.

The room is like a standard offsite hotel room and you wonít get Disney dining plan.

But for the price. Itís certainly not a bad option at all.
Iíd prefer to be in a Disney hotel. But Iíd pick the Wyndham over a hotel properly offsite.

Tea 19 May 19 05:56 PM

Oh sorry yes you're right. No magic bands.
We have some here though.
Pluses for me are
1. Disney Springs proximity
2. Closer to MK ( only park we're doing while staying there)
3. Includes EMH.
4. Cheap character meal for a bit of fun and Mickey waffles.
5. Cheaper than the Value resorts esp when location is taken into account.

Or would you still go to a Value resort quicker?

darsch1982 19 May 19 06:04 PM

I personally would go to all stars but tgats my opinion as id rather have better transport and i like using magic bands for everything on site after everyone has different opinions. For me its

1) take the 75 +tax per night and add 25+tax thats nit alot diffťrence in price.
2) We like our MB for everything
3)transport is better
4)theming we like the theming

Like i said all personal and really depends on your family

Tea 19 May 19 06:12 PM

True true... I really wanted to stay in POR so kids could pop to DS (but it's out of budget hence booking Pop or All Star) ... I think that's why it looked attractive to me... and was wondering was I being blindsided by that.
I'm just thinking and Bevs post reminds me that it wouldn't exempt me from parking at the park either...

BevS97 19 May 19 06:31 PM

No. You have to pay for parking. Which really annoyed me as Iím not used to it.

Itís not particularly close to MK either ...

Millie2017 19 May 19 06:43 PM

Location wise for Disney Springs, it's fab! Simply walk across the bridge and you're there. Haven't ever stayed at this particular hotel (in all honesty - the reason being that I've seen some pretty bad reviews about it's cleanliness), however we have stayed at the Hilton and the B Resort and can definitely recommend it for location. It isn't particularly close to MK however, but certainly not far either :)

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