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Tea 19 May 19 05:33 PM

Wyndham Disney Springs- too good to be true?
Need a couple of nights in a "Disney" hotel for magicbands , emh etc...
The Disney partner hotels offer everything a Disney hotel does except DME (Which we don't need as have a car)...
It's only $75 a night plus tax ... even with their resort fee, it seems like a fantastic deal compared to even the All Stars which are $131 per night for our dates.

We can walk to DS, we're close to LBV for cheaper food, we get all the perks of Disney at a cheap price at what looks to be a nice enough hotel... they even do a character meal which is never on DFB or any of those character meal lists...

What am I missing?! Is there a downside I'm not seeing?

darsch1982 19 May 19 05:41 PM

Dont think you get magic bands in just partner resorts?
Just had a look and its not got magic bands and you have to 25$ per day per room resort fee not very attractive tbh

BevS97 19 May 19 05:52 PM

We stayed there for a few nights after a cruise.

The location is superb. They do have transport but itís not quite as frequent as Disney hotel transportation.

The room is like a standard offsite hotel room and you wonít get Disney dining plan.

But for the price. Itís certainly not a bad option at all.
Iíd prefer to be in a Disney hotel. But Iíd pick the Wyndham over a hotel properly offsite.

Tea 19 May 19 05:56 PM

Oh sorry yes you're right. No magic bands.
We have some here though.
Pluses for me are
1. Disney Springs proximity
2. Closer to MK ( only park we're doing while staying there)
3. Includes EMH.
4. Cheap character meal for a bit of fun and Mickey waffles.
5. Cheaper than the Value resorts esp when location is taken into account.

Or would you still go to a Value resort quicker?

darsch1982 19 May 19 06:04 PM

I personally would go to all stars but tgats my opinion as id rather have better transport and i like using magic bands for everything on site after everyone has different opinions. For me its

1) take the 75 +tax per night and add 25+tax thats nit alot diffťrence in price.
2) We like our MB for everything
3)transport is better
4)theming we like the theming

Like i said all personal and really depends on your family

Tea 19 May 19 06:12 PM

True true... I really wanted to stay in POR so kids could pop to DS (but it's out of budget hence booking Pop or All Star) ... I think that's why it looked attractive to me... and was wondering was I being blindsided by that.
I'm just thinking and Bevs post reminds me that it wouldn't exempt me from parking at the park either...

BevS97 19 May 19 06:31 PM

No. You have to pay for parking. Which really annoyed me as Iím not used to it.

Itís not particularly close to MK either ...

Millie2017 19 May 19 06:43 PM

Location wise for Disney Springs, it's fab! Simply walk across the bridge and you're there. Haven't ever stayed at this particular hotel (in all honesty - the reason being that I've seen some pretty bad reviews about it's cleanliness), however we have stayed at the Hilton and the B Resort and can definitely recommend it for location. It isn't particularly close to MK however, but certainly not far either :)

stupet11 19 May 19 06:48 PM

Interesting though...for MK, you can walk to DS, get a bus to a resort...I would prob chose GF or Poly and have look round and jump on mono rail. Prob ok if not doing parks that much...

Tea 19 May 19 06:53 PM

I would have thought it's closer than the All Stars but I think that might be just kilometerage rather than actual travel time so think from that perspective ( i.e. promixty and speed of arrival at MK) I may need to rethink that element

@stupet. They offer shuttles to the parks so no need to even go to DS as such.
Or if you wanted you could take ferry to Por and take bus from there.

We need to max out our time in MK as we're only doing 1 day so if, for example, I could afford the Grand Flo I would so I'm looking for the least worst next option with minimum expense (without having to resort - see what I did there- to Camping at FW)

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