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fizzypop 19 May 19 06:38 PM

Villa payment
Quick question. I have to pay my villa balance. I found the villa through homeaway, found the villa website and then booked direct. I have asked if I can pay £100 through homeaway so I have credit card protection (happy to pay their homeaway charges too) and then pay the rest by cheque which I have done before with another villa.

The owner has come back to me suggesting I pay a proportion via PayPal so I can use my credit card. Does anyone know if I have the same protection this way? Iím sure everything will be OK but just want to cover myself as much as possible.

Sorry - that wasnít so quick after all :blush:

steve@mac155.f 19 May 19 08:01 PM

If you pay the deposit through the Home Away payment system you will also need to pay the balance through the same system otherwise HA will cancel your booking if the balance remains unpaid through the payment system.

Pay Pal does not give the same section 75 coverage as a normal credit card payment does as you are paying for a service and not goods, you will need to check with Pay Pal what protection they offer.


fizzypop 19 May 19 08:35 PM

Thanks Steve. No, paid the deposit direct. When we stayed in a villa a couple of years ago, the owners sorted something so I could pay just £100 through homeaway. I will check out PayPal terms but I think you might be right about section 75 as I booked monarch flights once via PayPal.

bernard301 22 May 19 04:20 PM

Section 75 protection is null and void for transactions using a payment aggregator (ie PayPal). It might be worth checking what protection PayPal offers

Also, if the owner has let you book directly rather than through HomeAway they are doing so to save themselves paying their HomeAway fees. What you save by booking direct you lose in terms of HomeAways protection

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