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aqualiv 20 May 19 03:45 PM

Black tie nights

We are going on our first cruise together in July and I have noticed that there are 2 black tie nights in the itinerary

Do we have to dress up on those nights?

We have opted for anytime dining, will there still be a casual restaurant to go to on the black tie nights


mick 20 May 19 03:55 PM

Are you asking about Disney specifically or cruising in general?

We've done 6 cruises but none on DCL. For lots of people dressing up is part of the cruise experience - and quite right if that's what you want.

For me though I wore a suit and tie during my 50+ years working life and that's the last thing I want to pack for a holiday - let alone a DJ.

On formal nights we simply ate in the buffet restaurants. We did see lots of diners waiting to eat in the formal restaurants and I'd say that most men were in a lounge suit and tie rather than a DJ. This was on Carnival, RCI and Princess though. Others, such as Cunard and Holland America and possibly DCL may be more formal.


aqualiv 20 May 19 03:59 PM

We are going on a P and O med cruise

mick 20 May 19 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by aqualiv (Post 13855949)
We are going on a P and O med cruise

They have large buffet restaurants where you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can avoid the formality if you choose.


aqualiv 20 May 19 04:14 PM

Thanks Mick

Lisa123wm 20 May 19 10:39 PM

Formal nights are only for the evening meal in the MDR and some of the specialty restaurants. You can dress casually in the MDR in the day.
If you donít want to dress up, then you can eat in the buffet, but to me thatís not a great option on P&O imo.

BevS97 20 May 19 11:10 PM

We did one of the black tie nights but on the other night I was tired and not in the mood so we went to the buffet which was full of people who werenít wearing black tie.

One of the nights seemed to be more even more formal than the other as well.

The food in the buffet is nice but the atmosphere is very busy compared to the Dining rooms.

vampiress88 20 May 19 11:48 PM

Just back from the azura the other week. Didnít rate the buffet. Was better when we went 7 years ago. We went to the main dining instead and was much better.

Yes p&o are quite ďstuffyĒ when it comes to dressing up. I did wear a dress which I hate but it was kinda nice cos never dress up so it was something a bit different. Was not brilliant was me in heels and I do heels maybe once a year. And I was on a boat so all over the shop how I didnít break my ankle was a surprise to me.
I did worry about the dress code beforehand but there was a lot of people dressed down even more than me.
They will however ask you to leave certain places on the black tie night. We were in the planet bar and a couple got asked to leave.
I feel like itís a ďwhen in RomeĒ type thing and itís best to go along with everyone.

The last black tie night we had was on our last sea day and we had a very very bad night so was on two hours sleep. I was literally going to he sea sick all morning. If I hadnít have felt better there was no way I would have dressed up and gone out. Lucky for us I was ok by dinner time.
I would say that unless you are going to the outside bars if itís really good weather or just the buffets then dress up. Itís not actually that bad.
Iím 30 and it was good fun even though my legs look awful in a dress.

I couldnít find a dress specifically for black and white night. And there is alway one lady that likes to wear bright red on that night so we always try and spot one.
Also dare I say it I wore the same dress twice on both formal night 😱

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