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clucky1966 20 May 19 03:47 PM

Universal Loews Sapphire Falls

I am looking at booking a one night stay for next year to make use of the express pass, Only doing Universal for 2 days and leaving out Hogwarts Express which will basically pay for the hotel stay.:grin:

I am just a little concerned that I am looking at booking through Travel Republic and it does not state anywhere that EP is included and in one of the reviews (albeit from 2017) it states that they booked this hotel for the EP and were told it was not included once they checked in:erm::erm:

Any advice greatly appreciated

thank you :)

Ben1993 20 May 19 03:49 PM

Sapphire Falls does not include the free express passes, the "deluxe" aka most expensive resorts that include the express pass are: Royal Pacific, Hard Rock and Portofino Bay

alp1972 20 May 19 03:50 PM

HI I believe although I stand to be corrected if someone else knows something different that the only hotels that offer the Express pass are Hard Rock, Royal Pacific and Portofino . We stayed at Cabana Bay and didnt get them there although we have stayed at Portofino and can highly recommend it beautiful hotel .

anneeb 20 May 19 03:51 PM

There are only 3 Universal hotels that do express pass, basically, if you book 1 night then you would get 2 days of fast passes for all booked in the hotel room/s
Hard Rock
Royal Pacific

clucky1966 20 May 19 03:53 PM

Thank you so much for your replies, good job I checked with all you experts on here would have been gutted to not get them:cry::cry:

I will look at one of the above

Thanks again:spin:

PrincessShelly 20 May 19 03:55 PM

Here's the link to the perk comparison info from the Universal site. Sapphire Falls gets early entry but not Express Pass.

tracey1302 20 May 19 05:43 PM

Yup, definitely no Express with SF. That said, it is an incredible hotel. :D

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