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JamelUK 8 Apr 10 02:54 PM

Easy transfer to DLP from CDG Airport via TGV Train
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TGV to DLP is REALLY easy.

Its 9 minutes door to door from CDG to DLP using the high speed TGV train

The VEA Shuttle Bus can take well over 1 hour through busy Parisian traffic.
Tickets are currently 38/Adult, 30/Child return - generally more expensive than the TGV.

The TGV platform Gare) is in the middle of building 2 at CDG, which is handy as most flights from the UK generally arrive at Building 2.

If you happen to land at Terminal 2G, then catch shuttle bus N2 to the TGV station.
It is NOT possible to walk from these remote gates.
Journey time from 2G to the TGV station = max 15 mins, bus runs every 5 mins from 05:30 to 23:00

If you land at either Terminal 1 or 3, then catch the CDGVAL light railway to 2 and then walk across to the TGV/Gare station.
Journey time = max 10 mins, CDGVAL runs every 4 mins from 04:30 to 01:30 & every 20 mins fro 01:30 to 04:30

The graph below shows the walking time from the different parts of Terminal 2 to the TGV Station. Note there are travelling walkways along these routes.

Walk Times from Arrival Terminals to TGV Platform
2A ==> TGV/SNCF = 12 mins
2B ==> TGV/SNCF = 12 mins
2C ==> TGV/SNCF = 7 mins
2D ==> TGV/SNCF = 7 mins
2E ==> TGV/SNCF = 7 mins
2F ==> TGV/SNCF = 7 mins

You should also allow about 10-15 minutes to get through baggage and passport control.

The Airport Map is attached.

[B]Book cheaply for your TGV tickets here... or here...
You may book up to 4 months in advance.

inline image DO get Real tickets delivered in the post within 2 working days.

inline image DO NOT wait to buy tickets at the platform - long wait and SILLY prices!

inline image DO NOT opt to collect your tickets from the automated machines at the station. There are only a couple of machines, so again long queues and occasional issues with certain UK credit card types.

The route you need is...

For a couple of more you can get the PRO 2NDE ticket which allows you to jump on the next trains up to 2 hours later without having to alter your ticket. Of course no seat reservation, but on a 9 minute FAST journey, this wont be an issue. Handy if you think your flight might be delayed.
This ticket may be exchanged or refunded free of charge up to 2 hours after the departure, in the departure town (SNCF ticket offices and boutiques).

Details of the TGV VIP Assist service for those guests requiring wheelchair access here...

To book a wheelchair space you MUST call the Rail Europe Call Center, Tel: 08448 484 064 - 09:00 to 18:00, Mon to Fri
TGV trains are well equipped with facilities for both disabled travellers and their companions. Below is what you can expect as standard:
* Wheelchair and companion spaces are available in the first class sections of trains, but CAN be accessed with a second class ticket
* Disabled toilets are located near wheelchair spaces
*Manual and electric wheelchairs can be taken on-board as long as they are no larger than 125x75cm

To book a wheelchair space you MUST call the Rail Europe Call Center, Tel: 08448 484 064 - 09:00 to 18:00, Mon to Fri

See my Video Guide to booking your TGV tickets here


Click Play, then click on the 360p in the bottom right hand corner to change to 720p HD

There's a great guide to your route through CDG airport here...

Note that you MUST head to the SNCF platform and NOT the RER!
The RER Train takes you from CDG towards central Paris.
This is the wrong way as DLP is 32Km outside of Paris.


JamelUK 28 Oct 10 09:13 PM

Important update!
The site has changed slightly today.

Its actually easier to find your ticket quote.

Once through to the Home Page, you will see this form...

...just follow the directions I give on my video above from around 1:05, but use this form instead.

The rest is the same.

Ill update the vid when I get the chance.


JamelUK 8 Sep 12 10:06 PM

Getting to TGV from Terminal 3
Im grateful to Denise (kempydee) for taking a load of pics showing the route from Terminal 3 to the TGV.

Jet2 flying from Leeds/Bradford arrive at T3.

Walking from T3 towards TGV...

Entrance of CDGVAL Aiport shuttle...

CDGVAL Shuttle Stops...

TGV Ticket showing seat numbers...

BLUE Announcement board for TGV information...

Where you should wait on the platform, based on your seat number...

The TGV train arrives...

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