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AJ86 14 Jul 21 10:15 PM

March 2022 - Itinerary thoughts
I think Iím mad but Iíve started planing a March 2022 trip!

Started looking at flights, as I have some miles saved with Virgin and a credit card reward voucher!

Not sure if I will end up booking anything but Iím going to have fun planning!

AntonyJ 15 Jul 21 05:02 AM

Good for you - will be fun!

kk20 15 Jul 21 06:44 PM

good luck. We are on the fence for a July2022 trip. It isnt looking good for tourism in Japan. The roadmap appears to be closed then internal tourism, then organised Asian tourist groups then external.

With the elections in October ish there wone be much movement before then so we might look at flights. The major thing stopping us is the price of fully refundable or even flexible tickets.

Glyndsey 15 Jul 21 06:59 PM

Hopefully March will be ok we are going the following Month 4th time booking !

AJ86 23 Jul 21 12:47 PM

How does this sound as a potential itineraryÖ

4 March - London pm flight
5 March - arrive Hong Kong pm
6 March - City
7 March - Disney
8 March - Disney
9 March - fly Hong Kong to Shanghai
10 March - City
11 March - Disney
12 March - Disney
13 March - fly Shanghai to Tokyo
14 March - City
15 March - City
16 March - Disney
17 March - Disney
18 March - Disney
19 March - Disney
20 March - Fly Tokyo to London

Does this sound doable? Iím very sceptical that March will happen, but may transfer this schedule to September/October maybe.

Let me know your thoughts!

kk20 23 Jul 21 12:57 PM

dare I say but i would swap 2x tokyo disney days for city. One full day in each and possibly a 6pm twilight ticket to fill the gaps. Since this is your first tokyo visit there is certainly a lot to do.

I need to look up what HK disneyland has in it these days but we covered it easily in one day. granted this was when it first opened.

AJ86 23 Jul 21 02:24 PM

Thank you, I agree with your Hong Kong thoughts, and many reports suggest it can easily be covered in a day. My only fear is if something happens on my Disney day bad weather for example then we have a 2nd chance to cover anything we miss.

Tokyo, I am tempted to cut down to 3 days maybe. Crowd levels donít seem to bad in March. Can you park hop in Tokyo after your first 2 days?

AntonyJ 23 Jul 21 02:35 PM

I have never been to HK Disney, but all the reports I have read and YT videos have seen, have said it can be done easily in 1 day, but your point about a bad weather day is valid.

Tokyo - in pre-pandemic days you HAD to pick days 1 and 2, and parking hopping starts on day 3.

2point 23 Jul 21 03:49 PM

I like the look of that full on itinerary.

Will be looking at a similar approach in 2023 (but missing out HK as we are booked to do that June 2022).

kk20 23 Jul 21 06:18 PM

whilst we could park hop, we went for 4 disney days and didnt park hop on day 3 and 4, even though we could. Trust me, you can spend a good day in each. We went in summer and took it slow in the heat, we managed everything in 4 days but again taking it slow. 2 days would be doable but miss out the regular stuff and go for the uniques. poach a day from HK for tokyo would be my suggestion. That being said we spent 5 days in HK on the way to singapore, 5 days was nice enough for sightseeing and a single disney day.

rhe obvious answer is more days of course :)

Jet lag is real,we just powered through our first day (landed at 8am), sleptfor 3 hours as soon as our room was ready and did disney for the evening :)

our next trip will plan a light ikspiaria and disney shop, maybe a twilight 6pm ticket if we are up for it.

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